Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What a day

It's 11:35pm and I'm finally sitting down to blog here. Not that I haven't sat down during this day - I have, in fact I napped. But I finally made it over here.

Today started off okay. We were up and ready. The kids had their to-do lists for the day and there was no whining to be heard! I had (another) doctor's appointment, that went well. The doctor today felt the same way as the doctor on Friday - which always feels like a win. Rarely have I had doctor's disagree, but when they do, I feel very torn and unsure of what to do. But it was good. Bloodwork still isn't perfect, but it's not terrible {though the red blood cell counts are still on the low end which I expected with all the fatigue I'm feeling these days}.

I came home. We needed to run errands, so off to the big red bulleye's store to get some groceries, and the kids had some gift cards they wanted to spend! The trip was okay - one meltdown from a kid, followed by a partial melt-down from me, but then we got back to business.

When we got home I was SO tired. Just like that. Wham, it hits. And so I ended up falling asleep on the couch. My girls woke me up - they couldn't find some things we had just bought earlier at the store, so we searched and searched because it was stuff they needed to make dinner. But we couldn't find it. So I called the store. Not only did we leave the things we were looking for, but two full bags of groceries. How had I not noticed that?

Sigh. We threw dinner together with husband grabbing what we needed from a different store on his way home. And I was still so tired.

So. I decided to bake. For a gathering we are going to, after being told we didn't even need to bring anything. And the more I tried to bake, the more things went wrong. Also, I don't own a food processor. I, naturally, picked a recipe that really needed one. It just felt like everything was stacked against me.

Sigh. Again. I made it through the recipe though. I also blanched, peeled, split, slivered, baked and then chopped almonds. The cookies are in the oven. Honestly, they don't look right. And I don't even know if they are going to taste good.

Sigh. Again. I think at this point, I'm going to find a different recipe to make tomorrow and just bring that. Also, I'm picking something easy. That doesn't have almonds in it. Or recommends you have a food processor. Because I can't show up empty handed. And I have to have something. And also, I bought all these apples to make these cookies (knowing I'd need to probably triple the recipe, but after making one batch no way am I going back to make more. Unless a food processor and some already ready almonds appear on my counter tonight).

And, here I sit. Feeling crabby. And exhausted. And worn out. And beat up. Even though it wasn't that bad. But it's these freaking hormonal mood swings. Mole holes become instant mountains. Small mess-ups become life-threatening mistakes. Not having a food processor becomes the end of the world.

I'm hoping a good night's sleep, a new recipe, and another good doctor's appointment (yes, another one!) tomorrow makes for a happier, less stressed Brandie. Because I really want nothing more than to enjoy thanksgiving!

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