Friday, July 31, 2009

Some sewing ...

As of late my 3 year old has been wanting to be carried on my back. A lot. And I don't mind so much, other than my arms get tired of holding him up - but I definitely prefer it to the hip hold or letting him sit on my tummy LOL!

Last night I decided I NEEDED to make a mei tai carrier. And now. So I did! LOL! I started last night.

I am not sure how people make them and sell them, because the entire time I was sewing it I kept thinking if I sew this poorly or wrong my son could fall out and hurt himself! I guess you get over it or you are more confident in your sewing abilities! Or maybe I'm completely strange and the only person in the world who thinks this LOL!

Anyway, here we are modeling our new carrier (and yes, little hands took these photos!)




A close up of the fabric:
(which by the way, my 3 year old would like another one made from blue fabric preferably with cars or trains or trucks or something like that! LOL! )

Anyway, here's hoping we can use it for the rest of the summer. Because I doubt he'll fit in it (or want to be held) next summer.

P.S. I used the pattern here

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So excited!

Look what came in the mail this week:


And as a bonus


I already skimmed it and am so excited about so many of the projects! The treasure bag rocks on so many levels. And the banner ... okay so many projects in here are wonderful.

On a side note, my 6 year old is in LOVE with both Amanda Soule's books because they contain pictures of her and her family. She is constantly flipping through - now tell me about this person and so on and so forth. It's pretty sweet and cute! =)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New shirts!

The kids got new shirts yesterday. Well, actually they made new shirts yesterday - which of course they HAD to wear today.

Painting the shirts:




And wearing them today:


My 3 year old especially was so proud to tell people he painted that dinosaur. I think a few people doubted him so I stepped in and said yep! We did it just last night!

We used the freezer paper method - in which hubby and I cut out the shape from a square of freezer paper, ironed the whole piece to a shirt and paint! When it's dry, you peel the freezer paper off and what's left is the shape you cut out. So it's looks great and beautiful and no one has to actually be able to draw the shape they want (we googled silhouette for the shape we wanted and just traced it!)

We got the idea from The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule (aka Soule Mama - whom I adore and would like to be like when I grow up!)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Busy, and yet ...

I've been really quite busy lately. But I feel as if I have nothing to show, and not much to tell you all!

The kids have VBS this week. My little guy, who is 3, is old enough to go, but his whole, I won't get potty trained attitude is putting a cramp in my style. I had originally pictured happily taking all 3 kids to their VBS class and bolting home! Except, I'm not allowed to leave, because they aren't allowed to change diapers. I understand why for sure, but if he weren't absolutely LOVING vbs (coming home and singing me the songs and dancing nad telling me all about it) I would pull him out and let the other two stay.

My husband says this makes me the nicer parent because he wouldn't stay no matter how much fun little man is having. I say it's only a week and worse things could happen. If nothing else, I've been quite a little chatter box with some of the regular members of the church they are going to and I'm pretty sure that they are all probably fervantly praying for my soul and the souls of my family ;-) Okay, an exageration but I'm pretty sure at least a few of them are for sure.

My oldest had her last softball game this week on Tuesday. We're sad that's it's over because we did have a great team and my daughter had such a great time. She is however, going to be trying out for the travel team. We'll see. The try-out info sheet was short on info. I'm pretty nervous because most travel teams come with huge price tags. But yet, she loves it and is showing some talent in it so you know, we'll try it and see what happens.

I did manage to do a few crafty things. I made a headband for myself!


You might notice my daughter is wearing it. It's ebcause I apparently have a large head. And it was too tight. My 9 year old said it was too tight for her too, so now it belongs to miss m!

Anyway that's whats up here =)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Some towels!

A friend needed some towels embroidered, which is easy enough to do! So she left them here with the promise I would get them back to her right away - except I couldn't return then as fast as I had hoped, so I ended up finishing the whole thing for her.

These towels were her idea, and they are just too cute I think!


I did the embroidery and then sewed the Elmo fabric along the bottom. I might have to make my kids some really cute towels like this to have as well.

So blessed!

Where would I be had I not discovered blogging? I know my blog isn't famous, and only on rare days do more than 10 people read this blog, but you know what? I love it. I love it for so many reasons. Most of them are the people you get to meet, the lives you get to know, the connections you make with others through these blogs.

Yeah, I'm getting mushy, I know! But you see I've been given some blog awards lately and I'm so grateful for them.

Christine and Jenjen have both given me the Lovely blog award


The rules are: Accept the award, and post it on your blog, along with the name of the person who bestowed it and a link to his or her blog. Pass the award on to 15 blogs that you have newly discovered. Remember to notify the bloggers that they have been chosen for this award.

Jenjen, also kindly gave me the Kreativ Blogger Award!

So consider yourself the receiver of two blog awards today! =)

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Becki of Nervous Girl
Tina of My Open Book
Lisa of Books List Life
Wool Winder of Wool Windings
Lu of Hyperactive Lu
Sarah of In The Midst of It
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Cluck and Tweet - and it goes to both of them =)
Beki of Pampering Beki
Jill of Charming and Delightful
Deborah of Indigo Jones Studio (I'd also like to point out her handbags rock. My daughters have one. I'm jealous.)

For these, and so many other blogs, I am constantly amazed, inspired, blessed, smiling, and just looking forward to my time on-line! =)

Okay, on my computer hte links are showing up very faint and hard to read. I've tried to change it. I'm hoping it's just off on my screen and you can all read it fine. If not, I'm sorry :(

Monday, July 06, 2009

Busy, so busy!

That is my theme song.

So what have I been doing (without pictures to show you even though I wish I wasn't too lazy right now to at least snap a few!) I've edited this to add some pictures because it is more fun that way LOL!

*Making jam (I have about 20 half-pints and 20 pints. A friend helped one day, she took home another 15 half and 8 pints too!)


*Knitting a pair of socks. I started them a year ago and never made it far, so I'm restarting them. It's too hot to knit anything bigger!


*Sewing a quilt. I cut up our jeans. And then some fabric and made some 4 square blocks (very simple). Except I didn't have enough fabric or jeans, and so if I put it together right now it would be about a baby quilt size. Which saddens me. I wanted it to be a picnic blanket. So I will try to get more fabric (and cross my fingers both are ones they still sell) and hope next spring I will get more jeans to finish it to the size I want!


*working at the farm - pretty much just on weekends, but it's enough to keep my busy!
*working at the motherhood (but that is all fun and doesn't feel like work!)

And of course playing the role of mom, wife, cook, laundry washer, maid, taxi driver, book reader, bobo kisser, and a whole list of other things!

Frankly, I've been busy LOL! =)

On another note, I was able to go see My Sister's Keeper last night. I won't give away any spoilers. But I will say I was disappointed and wished parts of the movie were more like the book.