Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

You probably didn't know, but today (March 14) is Pi Day. 3-14 is perfect since pi = 3.14 I'd say!
We celebrated this on Friday by eating some pie with some friends. We enjoyed cherry and apply pie. We also ate some very yummy pasta dinner. My friend was insistent my family brought only hunger to her house - and it's always nice to be treated to a home cooked meal by others, but to celebrate Pi Day and her baking us some pies, I whipped this little apron up for her!


The pocket though, has my favorite part -


(the embroidery was being offered for free at Urban Threads in honor of Pi day! And also they have a lot of really awesome embroidery - both machine and hand - patterns!)

I have enough of the apple fabric that I might have to whip one up for me to have one too!

Anyway, hope you all had a good Pi Day and if you mssed it, I say for sure, eat some pie this week to celebrate! =)


So, umm, yeah, that was a month break I wasn't planning on taking, but alas, life happens. And good thing too, because if ife didn't happen I'd have nothing to come blog about, right?!

Anyway, vacation was fun - we had a blast - I expect to share more about it in the coming weeks. We've also had some more illness going on around here - blech. We've had some warm days (yay!) and so we've been trying to get out to take advantage of them. And of course there is the cleaning, cooking, schooling, twittering, hanging out at The Motherhood, and reading to keep myself busy with these days!

Anyway, going to try to be around here more often. I have lots of ideas swirling around this head of mine and so that should lead to many many things to share with you all - if I can manage to find the time to do it all in of course ;-)