Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing ....

The newest knitter in the family ....


Seriously, isn't he adorable? I know, I'm biased and all that jazz, but I just think there is something so sweet about seeing those little hands work with the needles and yarn.


I cast on for him and we did 3 rows together today. Then he got tired and needed a break. Which I understood. It's hard work learning to knit. And remembering all those steps.


But he can't wait to finish his scarf. He thinks he'll do a sweater next. Or maybe a hat. Cause a hat's smaller. And he likes hats.


Which, hearing him plan his next project, really excites me. I know he might not always want to knit. He might lose interest next week. He is 5 after all, but I admit, I am loving this moment. The here and now. 


And yet, I can't lie ... I dream of the whole family sitting together one day, knitting away, talking about mysteries of life, dreaming of wonderful futures, listening to stories and music, and just hanging out and relaxing. And since 4 out of 5 us can now knit, well, I'm more determined than ever to get my husband knitting!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

Blizzard ...

If you live remotely close to Chicago or the the southern part of the US, or have watched news recently, you know that last week we got hit by a blizzard. Our house, having no magic bubble to protect it was not spared from this storm, that literally went from a few gray skies to full blown blizzard with hardly any visibility due to snow and blowing snow in about 60 seconds. I know because I was not safely tucked in my house when that happened!
When it was all done, here is the final total for our driveway:


Now they didn't release official numbers for our particular town, but numbers from surrounding cities and this, makes us feel confident that 19" is what we got. I'm pretty sure I've never seen 19" of snow all from one storm before in my life. So it was significant for sure!

Here is our deck when shortly after the big storm had started. Please note the sand and water table. And all those white dots? Snowflakes. There were a ton coming down.


Slightly less than 24 hours later. Same corner of deck. But this time through the door.


We couldn't open the door up at that point. See how high the snow is on the glass. See how the sand and water table can no longer be seen? Crazy.

By the front of my house, some bushes and what not we have as an attempt to call our yard landscaped.


I know, blurry and really bright. But again teh storm had started, my camera was not enjoying photographing the snow at all. And you can see, this isn't our first snowfall of the season. But still. The next day:


I couldn't step back to get the same shot as the first picture because there was a huge drift right behind me. But you can see, those smaller bush branches, all covered. Gone. Hidden under snow!

This is taken from the deck at the start of the storm. Please look at the neighbor's fence.


Although I had wanted the same shot from the after, I couldn't because I couldn't get out on the deck (remember that snow that was up against the door? Didn't want it in our house LOL!) So the neighbor's fence, from another angle ....


But still, I think you can tell the difference. There was lots of blowing and wind, and a lot of that blowing snow stacked against the fence!

And for fun, look at the snow around the neighbor's car:


Here's my son standing next to a pile (from snow and shoveling from both this storm and previous snows):


We always get a pile there, but I think this is the highest it's ever been. So that was the big storm. Just to break down a bit more:

  • The storm started at 2:15 pm Tuesday. We were in the middle of piano lessons, I pulled my dd out 5 minutes early because I could see it had started (despite them saying not until after 3).
  • Husband's company shut down at 3:00pm Tuesday. Earlier that day they had said no one could leave until 5. The storm started so strong, 30 minutes into they revised! And also declared the building shut down through Wednesday. Husband has worked there for over 11 years. They've never shut down!
  • My son's preschool closed on Wednesday.
  • Our school district was closed Wed, Thurs, and Fri!
  • 19" in our driveway.
  • Our driveway was not cleared until after lunchtime on Wednesday.
  • Husband went out two times to shovel on Wednesday. The first he did it for an hour and needed a break. Then he went out to finish and worked for about 90 min. Then 3 neighbors showed up to help him finish - one with a snow blower. He estimates they saved him an additional 2 hours of shoveling! We are very grateful for their help!
  • I did not leave the house again until Friday. Even then some (major ones too!) only had 1 of 2 lanes in either direction plowed. Piles at corners were so high, right and left turns were scary to make in some spots.

That about sums up our "fun" snow day! This was the 3rd worst storm they've tracked in the area. I hope I don't see any to beat it any time soon! =)