Friday, November 23, 2012

ChiTAG fun

*this is a sponsored post. I was given entry into ChiTAG and some of the games I talk about in this post. However, all opinions are mine, and mine alone!

Last weekend, the kids, my middle sister, and I headed into Chicago to go to ChiTAG (Chicago Toy and Game Fair)? This is our third year going and we were looking forward to it!

First we were treated to a preview breakfast, where we got to hear Greyson, a 13 who invented BrickStixs. And yes, I did ask my 13 year old why she hadn't yet invented a cool product like that. Naturally, she asked me when I invented my award winning product. Touché! We also got to play with some of the Banagram Toys (which we were lucky enough to be gifted to take home, which is good because we all fell in love with them!)

Then it was off to the fair! We walked around and played with lots of toys and games and bikes! We got to see lots of people from Star Wars and mister man got to go down a fire truck slide!

I got to see lovely friends I don't see nearly enough. And we bought a few games to take home because e couldn't imagine not being able to play with them!

Our first purchase was a Perplexus ball. These are a lot of fun, nd very challenging. I should probably mention, we actually went back and bought two more ... So now we own the rookie, original and epic. So far we haven't been able to finish the original or the epic, but we have not given up!

Then we bought the expansion pack for the game Carcassonne. We already own, nd love tht game, so getting the expansion has been a wonderful addition! I mostly play with Mister Man, but we always think our games our too short, so we like having the expansion pack now!

We then found out we won some more of the Bananagram games, so now we own all of them. Some were doubles, so we are going to give those to a local toy drive. 13 year old and I have been plying a lot of bananagrams. Miss 10 likes to play Pair in Pears with me. It's been so fun!

One thing I did notice though is this year there were less area to sit and play. The last few years we've had lots of time and space to sit and try out bord games and other things. This year there was really only one area (that I saw at least) to play and it was for a specific game. We did miss tht for sure. This is probably the least amount of playing and trying games out of the three years we've been.

That said, we really had a great time at ChiTAG. We will be going back next year too if possible. We always come home with at least one new game, if not more and we love it. It's such a good time for all of us.

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