Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's not the best picture of us, BUT we had a blast at Chicago Toy and Game fair today.
We walked around for hours looking, playing, talking.
Then we came home and have been playing all the games we brought home {more on those later}.
My feet are tired. My brain can't think of another word to spell with letter tiles. But my heart is happy. =)



  1. Awww sweet! I love that picture.

  2. They were really fun games, weren't there? Little Miss is OBSESSED with cup stacking now. She's doing it with every type of cup she can find. There was so much to see and explore - can't wait to hear more about your favorites. LOVE that I got to see you (briefly) and that your fam was able to join you.

  3. oh, my husband vetoed to ChiTag this year and we couldn't go! My kids are still bummed about it. So happy to hear you all had fun!


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