Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gratitude Sunday

Well, it's a Sunday, in November and so it's time for me to take a few moments to write what I'm thankful about. I've had fun doing it and I may do this again next November.

So without further ado, here is my list
    • Naps - yes, I said naps. Because I've needed them lately and I'm blessed and lucky that I can take them pretty much every day if I need to (which is about how often I need them). My family has been very understanding about it, which is good. Now, if only we could figure out how to stop the fatigue.
    • A good book - I read a book this week. It was a big deal. (The Twelve by Justin Cronin). It was a difficult read for me - a long book, the story bounced between two different years, and had a fairly large number of characters - I think I've told you before that since chemo I've struggled to read books and follow the story lines/characters/etc and this was no exception, but I pushed through and finished it (and yes, it was my brain because I read the first book in the trilogy pre-chemo which is similar in set-up and followed along just fine!)
    • The library - I was so excited to finish one book that I wanted to start another (strike while the iron is hot so to speak) and thankful I could go to my library and get an e-book to check-out. All in the comfort of my own home, sitting in my pajamas.
    • A fixed car - my husband's car was able to be fixed! Which was a big weight off our shoulders. Phew! And it didn't cost nearly as much as they first thought it would and we are so very grateful for that. I mean, really really grateful.
    • My mom's great Thanksgiving dinner - once again, we spent turkey day at my mom's, and once again she made an amazing dinner that was so good! My rocks for so many reasons and this is just one of them.
    •  Baking -  I did some baking this past week. I can't remember the last time I made bread, which is sad since I used to make it all the time. The family was happy too, asking if I could maybe try to bake a bit more, which touched my heart and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    • My kitties - I don't talk about them enough on the blog, but I love our kitties Roger and Marcy. I can't imagine them not being around. Marcy especially loves to cuddle with me late at night and I love it.
    • An early holiday treat ... husband took advantage of a black Friday sale and we will get new living room furniture, which is so good, since our current couches are in bad shape (one is literally split in half and being held together with some plywood dh nailed to the bottom). I can't wait for our new furniture to come (half in two weeks, the other half the first week of January!)
    • Christmas music season - I can now listen to Christmas music (okay, I started a week ago, but the family teased me because it wasn't even thanksgiving yet). It makes me smile. I love to sing along (even if I sound horrible LOL!) 


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    1. Anonymous10:41 PM

      I love people names for animals. :) I used to have a cat named George.


    Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)