Monday, February 28, 2005

Maybe tomorrow ...

I'll have some pictures to post! I have a lot of projects that I have *started in the last weekend! I am hoping to actually finish one or two of them this week! But if I were to make a to-do list, it would look like this:
-L's bag
-M's bag
-AR's scarf
-DL's scarf
-class scarf
-class purse
-class poncho
-A's band dress
-M's green dress and hat
-Au's birthday present
-M's quilt top
-several class samples
-Mi's baby blanket

hmmm ... not quite sure if that is enough to do or not! And after this round, I will have a million more things to add to it as well!!

When I first put in the project taskbars on the side, I had thought I would leave all the projects from one year up there, but I think I may have to start removing things that have been finished for a while now to make room for all I have to add! LOL!

Monday, February 21, 2005

About to try ...

to learn cable knit! I have been studying the instructions. I think I can do this! We'll see shortly though! But I went out and bought the cable needle, and 2 more sets of needles, and yarn to make a cardigan for me!
I literally started the gauge a few moments ago, but hopefully tonight I can take a picture of what I'm trying to make and how far I've gotten!!

Wish me luck with it! LOL!

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Today I went shopping. Picked up 11 new sewing patterns, bunch of notions, and some fabric.
Came home and managed to prewash all the fabric and started to cut out patterns to begin putting together some dresses/outfits for the kiddos! Based on what I spent and what I can make, it will average 18.33 per outfit. Of course, that includes twice the amount of interfacing I needed to buy. And one fabric was so cute! I needed 1 yard for what I wanted to make, but ended up getting 4 just in case!
Sometimes this week, I will go shopping again to get more patterns and more fabric! And some notions I forgot to get today (or simply couldn't find).
I can't wait! My oldest is excited! She picked out the fabric for the stuff I am going to make her. And she can't wait to see how it looks! But, then again, neither can I! LOL!

Friday, February 18, 2005


The sock is done and on the foot (although the starting yarn hasn't been weaved in yet! LOL!)

Sideways view

First problem: way too wide for my foot ... look at all that extra width

Second problem: a little bit too long ... apparently I have little feet?

Sort of close up of the grafting. It wasn't that hard. It really has a rhythm to it that felt easy to me. However, you can see that it doesn't look "centered" on the sock and I don't know if that was supposed to be like that or not?

Anyway, I am pleased with the outcome for my first sock, but even if I made it's match, it would obviously not be for my foot. I'm kind of bummed that it seems so large for me. When I passed hte gusset part and started to work on the foot, it told me to go for 7.5 inches (or 2" less than desired length). My entire foot is only 8" long! So I obviously didn't go for another 7.5", but I guess I could have cut out a row or two. But I don't know how to modify the width of it and make it so both my feet couldn't fit into one sock!
Oh well .. at least I know I can do it ... now I either need to learn to modify a pattern or find another one! LOL!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


The heel is turned! The pattern didn't seem to make sense, but I followed it anyway and it all clicked! Yes ... short rows finally make sense! And I am very good at the ssk stitch (one of the ones I was nervous about when I looked over the pattern).
Anyway, off to figure out the gusset ... had trouble picking up stitches along the heel flap as the pattern said I needed to have 19 picked up and I could only find 16 to do it ... but well, I found 3 more and got my 19! LOL!

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

here is the sock ... I am about to turn the heel ... I don't really know if I know what I'm doing, but I'm going to muddle along anyway! ROFL!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Trouble ...

The sock is proving to be more difficult than I imagined.
The cuff was a breeze (other than not having consistent tension but that will get fixed through more socks! LOL!)
But the darn heel stuff is killing me here! But I'm muddling through with some help, and hopefully I will get there. So far I have only had to undo 28 stitches, which really, isn't that bad! Here's hoping it gets a bit better now!


She's a pure genius! I never thought about moving stitches over to get it tight between the needles! I have about an inch and a half done. I can finally see it taking shape. For the first inch the stich is k1 p1 k1 p1 ... which for the first 2 rows looks pretty messy and icky, but after that it sort of takes on it shape. Now for 5 inches I have to stockinette stitch. I think after that the hard part starts ... but we'll see! I hope I can catch on pretty darn quickly!
I'm using a pattern from Lion Brand for it .... Free Knitting Pattern: MAGIC STRIPES Basic Sock It's the same pattern that came with the yarn, but if I'm not mistaken the pattern on the yarn wrapper has mistakes in it. Just to be safe, I printed off the one from their website!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Woo-hoo ...

Finished the pink blanket! Yeah! I'm so excited. I think it has turned out pretty darn nicely if I do say so myself!
Started the socks ... so far it looks not like a sock or even part of a sock, but I've only cast on adn gone around one time. So I hope that as I go, it will get easier. I don't like doing it though. It's too loose and the unused needles are flopping around and getting in the way. The baby booties I knit use the double-pointed needles, but it's after I have a base to give them shape. This doens't have that base for the shape. But, I will keep going and hopefully actually have something that kind of resmebles a sock when I'm done! LOL!

This is the cardigan/blanket I want to make using the cable stitch. I took a picture of it from the book since I can't scan it ... not the best, but it is sooo pretty I think!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Pictures ...

Okay ... here they are ...

a full view ...

a close-up ... it's hard to tell, but it's supposed to look like a bunch of squares.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Motivation ..

Still only like halfway through the pink blanket ... however, I bought sock yarn today! So I have motivation to get finished with the blanket to start on the scoks! LOL! I wanted to also start a new blanket. I was going to be brave and try to learn the cable stitch. I have a beautiful baby blanket pattern with a matching cardigan for a little girl. I want to make it so badly! But both have the cable stitch in it.
I wish I had a scanner so I could share the picture of it - I found it in a book of knitting patterns for baby things.
I have pictures of the blanket in prgress too .. I should be posting them early next week ... but I am also hoping that by then I will be done with the blanket as well! LOL!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Finally ...

finished the purple blanket! Woo-hoo!!! I'm so excited. I think it turned out very nicely if I do say so myself! LOL!!
I have now started a pink blanket in it's place! It's going. The pink one is going faster than the purple one though. The pattern is a lot simplier so I can do huge chunks without checking the pattern a thousand times! That makes a huge difference.
The white booties are coming along ... I haven't really been working on them too much. They are my on-the-go project, and well, we haven't really been to a lot of places where I've been in a waiting room or sitting and waiting in the last week or so! They'll be finished when they are finished though!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I have nothing new to say ... so I thought I would share pictures instead! LOL!

The baby bootie I started ....

The blanket ... the DVD is there so you can judge how big it is! LOL!

A closer view ... if you can tell there are diamond shapes in there that are creating the pattern.