Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So sorry ...

I just can't manage to keep up around here these days. I have pictures I want to show, books to write about and craft projects to share with you, and yet, I can't find the time to get over here.

I hope and pray things will settle down after Halloween (of course, then it will be the madness of Christmas taking over my life!)

Anyway, today I will be celebrating my daughter's 10th birthday. She is psyched. I'm emotional. Double digits - this is a huge deal in our house. I can't believe she's growing up and am just amazed at just how fast her childhood is flying by.

I will also be making freezer corn today. I have 12 dozen ears of corn in my garage - I won't do a full 12 dozen - maybe 4 or 5 (a friend is coming over and we are splitting whatever we get through).

I mostly have all of Halloween costumes taken care of - photos will be coming!

And aside from that, just trying to get through everything that comes up in a normal day around here!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scenic Railroad!

You might think taking a 24 hours train trip to get to vacation would make the kids not want to ride a train for a while, but you'd be wrong!

On vacation we had to take a trip on the local scenic railroad. I didn't mind - I happen to love this particular scenic train as well. We always take a ride when we are in town. And this time was no different. It's even sweeter because little man talks about this place at least once a month - he loves it. I think he dreams about it! And that's made even sweeter to me knowing that my husband, when he lived out there, loved it so much he worked for them for a bit. I swear it must be genetic!

Getting ready to go:

In the middle of the ride, a storm blew up. My middle child became pretty anxious, and big sister jumped in to cuddle with her. It was just too precious for me!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Random Vacay Story!

We were hanging out at Jackson Falls - which is gorgeous and the kids LOVED it. This was actually our second trip there - we loved it that much.

So Miss M was hanging out playing in this little side pool - and just having a blast (I really think she could have done this for hours and hours!)

And the next thing we knew, boom, she slipped in. No, I don't have pictures of her in the water - but her face, it was priceless! The water was cold so I'm sure it was a shock. Poor thing.

So we all run over to her, comfort her, hug her. Then we're all laughing, and she posed to show me her wet pants:

What you can't see is her whole backside is soaked, because she fell like she was sitting. So while we're all laughing and giggling about her fall - can you guess what happened? Look at the far right side of the picture ... little boy is in the same spot she was in before falling.

And next thing you know, boom. He was in the water. So now we are all cracking up - except for him. He did not find humor in his own slip LOL!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure none of us will forget our falls at the falls =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We are home!

We are home safe and sound. We are also completely unpacked and sort of caught up on everything that we need to be caught up with.

Vacation was fun for sure, but boy, it is certainly good to be home. I missed my husband so much - and didn't even realize just how much I missed him until I saw him again. I totally teared up! LOL!

Anyway, here's all of us from vacation


The good news is, is that things went so well, I'd actually do it again. That says something because I admit I was nervous about traveling alone with the 3 kids. But they were rock stars on this trip - just awesome. I guess I shouldn't be surprised - they have a great mother after all (ha! just kidding!) but I heard quite a few compliments about them. It did help to have two doting grandparents around to help out much of the time too =)

Anyway, I'll be sharing vacation pictures and little stories with everyone for the next week or so!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Last Day

Last day of vacation! I admit it, I snuck out of the house to get some peace and quiet before we all boarded the train for 24 hours again tomorrow! Plus, I wanted to go into a store with many breakables, and 3 kids in there - not good! LOL!

Anyway, this trip has been incredible in so many ways - oh, I'm sure I will spend many posts catching everyone up to all the amazing and wonderful things that happened here - I should have been journaling through the week, but I haven't been! Yikes! I'll try to catch up on that long train ride home! =)

I can say this, we've done more sightseeing than we ever have before. Almost every day was spent out in nature in some form - seeing all sorts of wonderful and beautiful things. We have all loved every second of it. Well, okay, the two youngest fell into some water and didn't exactly love that :X Thankfully they fell in a small area of water right next to a river we were by and not in the river - although, a few days prior, in almost the exact same spot, I dropped my camera lens in the river. But, you know, them falling into the water - it's a good memory! We can all laugh about it now! Even the three year old asked at one point to go back to where he fell in, so clearly not too traumatized by it! =)

I so need to come back here again in the fall - it's just so different from the summer and I love it just as much - maybe even a bit more. Although, on that note, I need to take some photography classes before coming back during the leaf changing season. I took a lot of pictures, but I don't know what I'm doing, and more than half are well, not worth keeping. Bummer. But I loved being here. I loved trying to capture the moments. I loved all the sights. I love my in-laws and getting to spend time with them has been awesome (and no, I'm not lying in case they come read this LOL! I really do have amazingly wonderful in-laws!)

Anyway, I only have a few more minutes to be on-line (I'm sitting in the parking lot of staples, because it's a wi-fi hotspot LOL) but I'm trying to get a few pictures up for the moment.

See you all soon, with lots of photos and lots of stories to tell =)

Monday, October 05, 2009

Quick Hello!

Well, we made it to New Hampshire - we arrived in one piece but with a little wear and tear.

But, it's so nice to be here! We are having a lovely time (of course, I have no pictures to share with you yet, but I promise there will be lots once we get home!!

I don't have real internet connection. I admit, right now the kids are playing at a McDonald's play place and I paid the 2.95 charge to get on-line here! LOL But, well, I had to check in to see what, if anything was going on around the internet! =)

Later today we will be going leafing - they say the leaves are at about 25% right now, so in some spots you look, it's all green. In others are amazing varieties of red, yellow, orange - just gorgeous and amazingly beautiful!

We also went to the Fryeburg Fair - which wow! It's a BIG fair! We may go back a second day, we may not. As per my usual style, we are playing each day by ear and making a lot of decisions just based on weather.

Best of all is spending time with graham and pop - my kids are digging it and so am I =) The biggest downer of course is missing hubby. Very badly :-( But I also know vacation will fly by and soon enough I will be home again, missing being here!

But, things are just gorgeous and we are loving it and enjoying every moment of it. I'm so glad we decided to make this trip. It has been more than worth it. =)

Anyway, not sure if I'll get on-line again before vacation ends, if not, I'll see you all again next week!!