Saturday, December 25, 2010

If you are celebrating ....

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that the last two days have been a wonderful time with family and friends  =)

We have had a wonderful holiday at our house and the last two days are just a reminder of how much I love this season and time. And although things have been very busy and there were times I just felt like I couldn't catch my breath, it really truly has been worth it. We've had such a lovely time. I think it's been made extra lovely knowing that we would have lovely time even without all the stuff and the extras.

Anyway, have a lovely weekend everyone =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Time ...

Time is positively not on my side these days! There's just too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it all! But, I am trying to remember to breath, to enjoy this season because it's supposed to be fun! And it is. It's just that it can also be stressful and full of a lot of to-do lists that are just impossible to finish, unless I decided to skip sleeping until December 26. And well, I might push the limits of staying up very late, but I can't give up sleep altogether =)

Anyway, things aren't going all that badly, but as each day passes, I worry about the projects left to finish. And a few things I've changed just knowing time is short. (Seriously, I think for next year I will have to start December 26 this year LOL!) But really, things are pretty good and after changing a few things, I'm not as nervous as I was a few days ago. And today, I got a massage. And that helps. A lot! I think I absolutely need to get a massage every single December. Well, okay, maybe every month ;-)

Also, this month I joined a photo class (not so much a class as a prompt a day to help inspire you to take photos) and I'm loving it! It's over at Big Picture Classes and I'm loving it. It's called Picture the Holidays. I think I will also sign up Picture Winter - which is similar. I do also wish I could take this Mastering Manual Mode class too - however, that's not quite in the cards for me yet! (And no, I'm not a paid spokesperson, I am just really enjoying the class so far!) I'm going to be posting my pictures here I hope - but I always say I'll share, and then never remember to do so. I hope not this time. Some of the pictures I'm actually proud of ;-)

Also, my baby turned 5 on Saturday. This led to a lot of excitement and happiness in our house. But, me, I'm a bit sad too. Because he's growing so big and independent. And while I love all of that - I truly truly do! I'm not above admitting that it is kind of a bit sad to be needed less. Although I'm not sure I really am, I am just needed in a different way I suppose and I am having a hard time transitioning. The kids, though, they are fine with it all!

It seems like a blink of an eye he's gone from little baby to a big boy

Happy birthday my little booga boy =)

Thursday, December 09, 2010

77Kids winner!

So using, I've picked the winner ....

The number 6 entry is

sarah said...
Because I am and my first link didn't work I added another wish for you! (honestly for all my friends but you are included in that)
Congrats to Sarah on winning the 77Kids giveaway!

And a big thanks to all who entered! =)

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Some Lovely Soap ...

Look what arrived in my mailbox a few days ago:


Can you tell what's in there? {Also, note, it's not wrapped in plastic, which makes me smile lots!} Anyway, it's a lovely bar of soap from my friend over at Nothing But Soap. Sent me some lavender soap and I love it!


I love how it smells (nice, but not strong, which is good because strong smelling products and I are not a good mix LOL!).

Her etsy shop is full of lots of great soaps and a few extras! You can get a lovely little gift set

I know December is ticking by (and going faster every day!) but I think this would be a great teacher gift or a nice stocking stuffer. Or you know, you could get one and send it to your favorite blogger ;-) And there is still time to order some. And then, order some for you too. Because I know you've worked hard this holiday season getting everything all set so you could use a little bit of pampering =)

Anyway, head on over to Nothing But Soap and check it out. =)

*Disclosure: I was given this bar of soap by my friend. I decided to share it with you. I am not being compensated for this and all opinions are my own. =)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Chicago Toy & Game Fair

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win some tickets to the Chicago Toy & Game Fair over at Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy. So we got all ready and headed into the city to go have some fun!


And let me tell you, if you get the chance to go next year, you should , because we had so much fun! There are so many toys and games to try out and get to play with. The kids were constantly dragging us from one spot to another. The girls and I were able to play the new Monopoly game, which, I thought for sure I wouldn't like it with the electronic banker and all that, but I did!


Life-sized Wobble was a big hit - the little man actually put the game on his Christmas list!


My 8 year old had a BLAST doing some challenges and wanted to keep getting more! It was cute.


We met some of the Star Wars characters - which all the kids loved seeing (although the little man only admired them from afar).


I think, though, for our 3 kids, the biggest hit was definitely by far the Geppetto's Toy Box booth, which had tons and tons of Citiblocs. And oh my. I think we could have stayed there for hours building. The kids think these blocks are awesome and amazing.



I can't lie, these are on at least 2 (maybe all 3) of the kids wish lists. These blocks stack super high (we saw several towers over 5 ft.) And they are easy enough for my 4 year old to use, but fun enough that my 11 year old wanted to build with them too! Crazy. And fun. And that makes them perfect!

Anyway, we had a great time, and I think we will do our best to get back there next year! Thanks again Lisa for giving us the chance to go! =)