Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We have a wedding to attend this weekend. And so I asked a bit ago if the bride and groom would be interested in me making their ring bearer's pillow! I've done this for several weddings we've gone to and can honestly say I love it! I love getting to make something to be used in the wedding and the pillows are small enough that's it's pretty stress free for me to make them (although one time I made one with a lot of bead/hand ribbon embroidery and that did stress me a bit LOL!)

Anyway, this time I whipped up this little pillow. I can't lie. I am absolutely in love with this one! Don't get me wrong, I have loved all the pillows I made - but I don't know, this might just be my favorite! (Okay, okay. So I say that after every pillow I make. It's true). I love the embroidery design (which I got from Urban Threads). I think the rings will look gorgeous tied in the center.

The ribbon to hold the rings is secure enough to hold the rings, but not overly stitched so it can be cut off after the wedding should they want to save the pillow.

I'm bringing at least the groom the pillow tomorrow. This is always nerve wracking for me - what if they hate it? I don't want something they hate in the wedding. I always ask the bride/groom to tell me if they don't like it and I'll make something else if there's time. I never had anyone actually say that. So no one has disliked their pillow OR they didn't want to hurt my feelings. Although, seriously, I'd rather know so I can give them something they will love than not know and give them something I love - if that makes sense.

Anyway, I really do love this pillow. =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

11 years ago today hubs and I were getting married! I can't believe it's been 11 years. Most days, it feels like time sure is flying. 
My dad walking me down the aisle

It was a Thursday - just like today. It was a lovely day outside - which was good since we got married outside! LOL!

It was a small ceremony - only immediate family and grandparents were there. It was just very nice. And I was so excited. I think maybe it could have been rainy and windy and cold I might not have noticed though ;-)

And it's been lovely ever since! I seriously did marry the man of my dreams. No, he's not perfect. And yes sometimes I get mad or annoyed at him - but he really and truly is the man of my dreams. I feel blessed he's my husband, that he is the father of my children! 

So happy anniversary dear. And I hope for many many more years with you =)

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time sure flies ...

when you are not able to post on the blog! It feels like I just posted a few days ago. Alas, I have been running around like crazy and dealing with a broken computer. The good news is the misbehaving laptop has been mailed in to get (hopefully) fixed - and thank goodness for warrenties ;-)

Anyway, I did lots of knitting and lots of sewing recently. Both for gifts and both with some time constraints I hope to avoid in the future! 

 Up first was a baby shower gift. I decided a while ago to do some sewing and fell completely in love with the kimono pj's in Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones.

I ended up with 3 jammies for the baby boy on the way. And I was pretty pleased with myself for being able to actually sew and make them. Aside from a few doll items, I've never worked on such small clothes - but I liked it so much. I think I could make a million of these and never get tired of them. And they are so cute!

Well, I might be biased in thinking they are so cute since I made them. Okay, actually that's a lie. The one pair - the stripes - I admit, after making them, I decided they looked more like something a hospital would have a baby wear than anything else. I really liked the stripes when I bought it and didn't envision it having that kind of effect. But I do actually still like them a lot. I'd put them on my baby for sure!

I think my favorite ones though, are the monkey pj's. I heart these monkey pj's. So much in fact I embroidered a little onsie to match them.


Aww, I love those little monkeys for sure! So sweet!

In addition to the pj's, I did a few bibs - these were so easy to make and so fast! I think I might have to whip some of these up for every new baby I get lucky enough to meet!

Most fun for me though, they had snaps on them. I've never added snaps to something before, so I had a lot of fun doing that. In fact, I (semi) joked that I made the bibs just so I could add snaps. Because snaps are fun! But really, I made them becuase we were supposed to bring an item to add to the diaper bag and I thought some fun bibs would be just right for that! =)

I really had fun sewing for a little baby - it (again) made me wish I had a baby of my own to be sewing for, but of course, the irony is if I had a baby I wouldn't have time to do these things - I know becuase none of my three children had things like this when they were babies!