Monday, April 11, 2005

Always call ahead ....

So today I figured would be my day to venture to the LYS. Found out it's only .7 of a mile away (but tucked in an area I've never been before hence I never noticed it LOL!)
So 2 year old goes in the stroller, 5 year old walks besides me ... and off we set to walk there. The weather was gorgeous and I hate to drive such a little distance LOL! So we get there and hte hours are something like 10-3 everyday. But then there is a handwritten sign that says "Store will be closed on Mondays starting ..." some day before today!
Bummer. I wanted to go in too. Oh well, at least I know where it is now. And the walk was nice. Also, the local Jewel was only a few blocks away (towards home) so we ended up stopping there and getting some nice yummies!
Anyway, didn't end up doing hardly any knitting today. Still plugging along on the knitted dress for my 2 year old (although I'm having very inconsistent tension @@), started some socks for my 2 year old (out of what was left from my 5 year old's socks) and yesterday I picked up some yarn to start another blanket!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

In search of ...

a knitting pattern appropriate for a little boy that might be a going home from the hospital outfit.
It seems that everything is made for little girls. I don't even want it to be free (although that could be nice too LOL!)
I think I need to finally travel over to the LYS and see if they have anything for me to use. If anyone reading this has any ideas ... please, please, let me know! LOL!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Finished pair!

I am done with the pair of socks now. They were made with Lion Brand Magic Stripes, denim stripes.

The finished socks. The only bummer is that on her left sock, the color after the blue was red ... you can see I had to finish the sock with a bit of red there. It's because I messed up the kitchner stitch (I did a few purls/knits backwards) and was too lazy to go back adn finish, becuase she is 5 afterall and I was so excited to be done with them!

Another shot (ignore her little bruise there ... we've been busy running around outdoors and her poor legs are covered :-( )

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hardly any ...

progress these days.
We've had super gorgeous weather so I've been outside with the kids a ton. Then it seems that when we do come in, I'm trying to clean, do laundry, cook, etc ... all the things I neglected while playing outside!!
I do have one sock completely done for my 5 year old (looks magnificent I think too!) and the match about half-way done. When they are both finished I'll snap some pictures to share.
I have not sewn anything :-( And I've only added a few more rows to the dress I'm making (sorry Christina ... you will probably be waiting longer than you expected to see how it looks!)
Oh well ... apparently we have some rain coming in the next few days so maybe I'll catch up on a few things then ;-) I hope ... I can't imagine waiting until September to start finishing projects again ROFL!!!