Thursday, November 08, 2012

Reality TV

yes, a picture of my tv screen LOL!
So, I watch reality tv. I watch probably too much of it, but I tell myself it's totally okay because I don't watch nearly as much as a few people I know.

My favorite of favs is Project Runway. I actually try not to miss it and the family knows that Thursday is Project Runway night. I've watched it since season 1. Well, I missed a few seasons when it was on Bravo and we did not have a cable package with that channel, but I've been into since the beginning. I love watching the challenges and the things they come up with. That said, I don't always see eye-to-eye with the judges. And I get VERY pissy when the designers are all "OMG! I have to make a dress for someone who is bigger than a size 0. I've never made clothes for a real woman before." Um, a) most of the world isn't size 0 and b) a size 0 woman is still real.

That aside, I love the show. I prefer the regular show to the all star show. And even when I'm mad at the judges and say I'm never watching the show again, I do. Every single time LOL!

I am also fond of America's Next Top Model. But I'm never on the current season. A few channels often rerun old seasons and I catch them when I can. It's not that I don't want to watch the current season, I just can't ever seem to catch it when it's on. I suppose now with the internet I could fix that pretty quickly, but watching the old seasons is enough for me. Related: the kids and I will often jokingly tell each other to be fierce from the tips of of our fingers to the tips of toes when taking pictures as a reference to Tyra talking about being fierce!

The Real Housewives - I watch them all. I don't have a favorite. I do not watch them all - again, I just can't manage to catch them all. Okay, now, here's where I sound mean. I have said, more than once, I watch the Housewives in order to see that others have it worse than me. {See, it's mean}. It's also a reminder that money doesn't mean happiness, and a good reminder that 15 minutes of fame usually comes back to bite you in the butt. That said, I do feel bad for them, when things go wrong and when they are all fighting and when life gets tough.

Amazing Rave - I love this show. And don't watch it nearly enough. The kids like this one too. It's so fun to see all the places they travel too.

So, there you go. My dirty (that's not so dirty) little secret about watching reality tv.

P.S. Man, it's hard to post each day. I feel like I'm already out of ideas and reaching for the bottom of the barrel, but I am determined to finish NaBloMoPo!


  1. I love the Amazing Race. My one complaint is the way Phil says "spa" -- it's so nasally!

  2. I love Amazing Race, Survivor, Top Chef, Project Runway. I don't even watch drama series anymore. I'm a little too addicted to reality TV.


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