Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sewing project finished!

I'm so excited to show you this project. It wasn't too terribly hard and I think it turned out fabulous! I sewed up a circular needle holder.

For me, those circular needles are the biggest pain to store and I've been wanting to make one for a while. Because I keep all my needles in a box and all those wires just get twisted up. And I don't like to store them in the package they come in because then the wire gets all coiled up again.

Anyway, here is what it looks like:

And a slight close-up of the numbers

Needles in:

In progress ...

Just some picture of projects in progress!


Cross-stitch project started a while ago. Pulled out because I saw some great projects in a book that motivated me to want to stitch. Really, I wanted to run out buy materials to make the project I saw and liked, but the whole budget constraints have forced me to pull out an old project. I know, I know, poor me LOL!


Knitted washcloths ... we have a few end of year teacher gifts we need to give ... I am going to knit up some washcloths and throw in some homemade soap. It's on the small side I know, and risky if the teachers absolutely hate soap or the scent I mix in or anything like that, but again, we are dealing with some budgetary constraints here! LOL!


Nice little blanket I am knitting. Or maybe it's a lapghan? I'm about 2/5ths of the way through it and it's going quickly and is so simple considering how neat it looks. It's a gift for someone though, so I won't be enjoying the finished project myself, but I sure hope they will enjoy it!

Aside from that, I have a sewing project in the works. If I'm lucky, I'll even finish it tomorrow and then show it to you. Sadly, I don't have pictures of it yet to share but I promise to have them soon. I'm most excited about this sewing project because I created it myself - no pattern people. I mean, I've seen it before in other spots, but made one the way I hope I will like it! So far, it's turning out really well so I'm very excited about that! =)

Monday, April 20, 2009


A while ago, an amazing awesome friend brought me yarn when I was feeling down (it's here if you want to look). And it was more than the fact that she gave me yarn, but was really that she reached out when I needed it the most.

Anyway, I finally finished the socks. First, I have to tell you, I often knit in public and so people ask what I'm knitting and who is it for. You can not understand how exciting it was to say "Socks. Just for me. Because a friend gave me this yarn and so they have to be for me!" Because, as so many crafters know, sometimes, you feel like you spend most of your time making things for others - for baby showers, wedding gifts, birthday, holidays, etc. And sometimes you don't always make yourself something because there are others you need to create for first.
Well, people, not this time. This time I knit all for me and enjoyed every moment of it.
So without further ado, here are my completed socks - the pattern is named Happy Feet, and I do have happy feet, but I have an even happier heart!




Sunday, April 19, 2009


And just like that a month goes by!

I really didn't mean to stop blogging, to walk away. But, life does unfortunately get in the way sometimes.

I'm quite busy over at The Motherhood most days too and then I just need to step away from the computer for the rest of the day!

Anyway, summer is almost here and that makes my heart sing songs of joy! I got a bit of a burn sitting outside on Friday - and that was heavenly! I know, strange right - to think a sun burn is a good thing, but sitting in the sun, with the kids playing around me, oh, it was fantastic! I believe I might be seriously ready to leave the Chicagoland area right now - if we could move somewhere where the sun was out more often!

We've been hit recently by the whole bad economy thing - thankfully not as badly as we could have been. Hubby took a pay cut, so we've been readjusting monthly spending. You'll probably hear chatter for a bit about coupons, being frugal and other ways to save money. But, my husband has a job (and we have insurance) and that is something to be truly grateful for! I may complain about lack of spending money here and there, but know that I do know how lucky we are it was only a pay cut!

We've recently been making videos at our house! I will randomly be linking some of them here. I admit it, I've been having fun! I've learned how to edit them, splice them, put them back together - not if I only I could learn to not shake the camera so much or sound like such a nerd in them I'd be all set. But keep your eyes out for them in the coming weeks. My 9 year old and I have been trying to do some how to kids craft videos, which I must admit had been a blast to have that with her! =)

And now, I will bombard you with pictures, so I hope you enjoy them!

Earth Hour 2009

Yummmmmy chocolate!

a flower for mom!

Sears Tower picture which we took in case we don't get back downtown before the big name change!