Friday, March 31, 2006

Next up ...

This cardigan Baby Cardi.
I am doing it in blue and white (blue around the trim parts and white for the rest of it). I cant wait and hope it turns out cute.
If I like it, I might make one in yellow too for a project spectrum item =)

Thanks to my friend at Home's Jewels because she sent me the link to the pattern =)

I am also going to start sewing my needle holder bag!! Woo-hoo! So many fun things to make ... so little time!

Oh, if anyone happens over here who knows how to take the curl out of circ needles, can you share the secret? Thanks!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Project Spectrum March

I finished! YEAH!

On a lovely model!

Well, I didn't think I would do it, but I did! And, no my lovely model did not get to keep the scarf. It went to another little child that we know.

Now next month is yellow/orange. I'm not sure what to make yet. I want to do a diaper bag so maybe I'll use those colors for it ... we'll see =)

Skirt progress ...

Well here's what I'm aiming for:

Pattern and fabric

fabric again

Right now I have all the pieces cut out and it's about, oh, 65% done. There are a few problems though. The first being, I don't think the thing will fit me @@ Maybe if my waist would go down an inch, but we'll see ....
Second, I think it's going to be way too long. I like above the knee skirts, but not way above the knee, this one will be below. Generally easy enough to fix ... but the overskirt fabric came with that edge and it's supposed to be the bottom of the skirt. Without thinking, when I sewed the sides, I trimmed it close. But in order to adjust teh overskirt, I need to eliminate fabric at the top, not the bottom. Which means I have to then redo the opening for the zipper. But now when I rip the seam open, there is harldy any extra thanks to my trimming. Grrr ... I should have waited and I know that too. But I think I can make it work, but there will absolutely be no room for error this time.

On other project notes:
* I have yet to complete something red or pink, which means I'll probably fail for the first month of project spectrum since there are only a few days left.
* I am having a hard time finding the yarn I need to make my daughter's sweaters.
* I still am unsure about which wrap to make. But if the skirt doesn't fit then it's a moot point.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ramblings ....

So I haven't knitted ina few days.
I have been reading. I have been reading Janet Evanovich. I am so in love with her Stephanie Plum series it isn't funny. In the last week I polished off book four, five and six. I NEED to get to the library tomorrow to get some more. I admit it. I just want to read about Plum, Morelli, Ranger, Grandma, etc ...
Since I ran out of Plum books to read, I have picked up the Elm Creek Quilt book series. And of course, now I want to run out and learn to quilt @@ I'm such a dork! LOL!
Although today I picked up some material to make myself a skirt for Easter. I do believe this is the first thing that I have sewn for myself. We'll see how it turns out. I also want to knit a wrap to match it. Just have to hope I can find yarn locally, but I'm not crossing my fingers because although it's Lion Brand Microspun that I want, I want it in a purple/lilac color and hte stores by me generally only stock a few of the colors of that yarn. Hopefully I can figure something out though ...
So now I have more projects than I should have on my plate.
And oh yeah, I bought 19 patterns today - hey they were on-sale! So I brought my wish list and picked out what I could LOL!!! I also have a few other sewing projects I want to start (and hopefully complete), along with a few knitting projects that are on the needles tomorrow that I want to finish.

Ay yi yi! Pretty soon I'm going to need to get a job to support my crafting habit! LOL!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

What a guy ...

So I want to knit these sweaters for my dds and I am having a hard time finding the yarn to make them. But I finally found a store on-line that I think will let me order them and send it here. So I was going to call to order and then I saw it was open Mon-Fri 9-5. So I told my dh I couldn't order the yarn and I was crabby because of it ...
He told me "okay, well go embroidery something then."
Yep. That's my guy! LOL!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Funny. ...

Okay .. this has nothing to do with crafts ... but Cath over at Just Me had a link to this and I got a kick out of (so did my 3 month old) so I'm sharing just for the heck of it LOL!!
So, go click and watch ... Laughing babies.
enjoy! LOL!

Go read this ...

I always hated buttonbands
Especially if you are a knitter and a parent! LOL!

Monday, March 20, 2006

First preemie project booties

One pair of booties done.

to show you there size, here they are next to a beanie baby ...

and in my hand ...

I seriously just look at these booties and want to cry. There are babies out there that are this tiny. :-( Poor things. I can't imagine ... one pair of booties doesn't seem like enough.
But I'm going to keep knitting them ... they knit up fast. And I hope I can make bunches and bunches of them to send out.

Friday, March 17, 2006

One excited girl ...

I found a local stitch n bitch group! Yippee!! I am one happy lady over here.
Meetings are on Tuesdays, so hopefully next Tuesday I will get to go and love it!! Yeah! I can't wait ... I have lots of knitting friends on-line, but it will nice to have a few IRL.
Of course ... that said we might be moving out of this area this summer ... ut I'm not going to think about that now. I'm going to go out and enjoy it while I can =)

I also cheated .. I started a bootie for the preemie project, despite not finishing the UFO I said I would finish before starting something new. Oh well ... it's for a good cause and so that's my excuse LOL!

Thursday, March 16, 2006


So today I went to visit the LYS - the one that is only a few blocks from my house, that I tried to walk to last year but they were closed that day ...
Anyway, apparently they are closing in 1-2 months, unless a buyer can be found.
Oh sure, I finally decide to go and they might be closing? It kind of makes me wish that I had the money to buy it! LOL! Not that I do, not that I have part of it, or half of it, or any of it LOL!!!!
I will say though, that the store was a bit of a dissapointment to me ... I mean, it wasn't an awful store, but it wasn't well kept either. The pattern books were not arranged in any way that I could see. The displays were not done that well, there were not sample swatches to see how different yarn would stitch out, it was cluttered and crowded. But yet at the same time, my guess is if I shopped there more often, it's one of those places were most of the customers are regulars and they probably only have a few workers and it would be one of those places where you would know most of the other customers and all the workers, and not only would you shop, but you would chat and catch up and that seems nice to me.
I guess for now, I suppose I'll have to visit weekly and see if things start to get put on sale. If it is going to close, my guess is she would have to discount everything to get it out of the store ... but we'll see!! I plan to at least drive by once a week to see if signs are up or anything like that.

My discovery ...

is this blog ... Knitting Sunshine
Go visit Dani's blog. She does wonderful work.
In fact, I found something I want ot make babyboy for next wintertime from her blog: I wanna fly
And maybe even this as well One Blizzard = One Baby Sweater
Anyway, I love to check her blog and see what new things she has added!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Socks! One of the projects unfinished on needles

I think the stripes lined up pretty well! It was self stripping yarn, but I can't remember which brand

This was one of my spring cleaning projects. Now I only have 2 things on needles to finish (one scarf and one baby blanket). Teh scarf is red and the baby blanket is pink, so they will also double as my Project Spectrum for the month! How nice ;-)

And I bought a pattern today to make sweaters for my girls. It's from the spring/summer 2006 Family Cicle Easy Knitting Magazine ... maybe tomorrow I'll snap a pic of it while I am ordering the yarn I need! =)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


G is for garage - filled with things that need to dry out

And yes, I know I'm early on g, but it just fit in so well so I'm jumping the gun a bit here!


F is for flood ... here is a wet sewing pattern :-( And a wet bag I made from wool :-( sitting in water (taken last night)

F is for the freaking spot the water came in (a crack around the white pipe)

::Sigh:: more water ... it was everywhere :-(


E is for E, my husband (whose name starts with an E) having an endearing moment with babyboy!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring cleaning ...

I have had a few projects on needles for quite some time now. My goal for the next few weeks is to finish up those unfinished projects (with knitting) and then start with a clean slate with my knitting! I think I have counted four projects that are unfinished. I'm kind of surprised that there are only 4, but I think that is because I've been forced to finish most projects to get the needles off of them! I bet if I had more extra needles around, I'd have more unfinished projects laying the house.

Of course, I have several unfinished cross stitch projects, but those are all in storage, and I have a HUGE box of unfinished sewing projects. Maybe I'll do those ones next year ;-)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


D is for done and disappointed :-(
What can I do. The hat is not the size it should be (despite checking gauge). It is off just enough in a few small places I guess so that it is almost an inch too big around for the circumference. Oh well. The good news is I was planning to make a bigger size for someone I know. So I guess this one will go to her, and I will have to reknit (without error this time I hope) a smaller size.

D is also for dozens of patterns that I printed out to start some things to make for The Preemie Project.
I am excited to do these things and can't wait to get started!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Getting Serious ...

Okay, I'm getting serious over here.
I printed off about 50 preemie patterns tonight. Now all I need to do is check over needle stash, buy yarn, and officially register on The Preemie Project and I'm all set to get started!
Some of the patterns are so cute and sweet too! I know that it will be fun to knit them up and get them all together.
I'm hoping that I can do 25 sets - matching hats, booties/socks, and a blanket. We'll see if my children cooperate with that plan though LOL!!! I know that I will give it my best and whatever I can accomplish I will do with a happy heart =)

How I find the time ...

This is how I get knitting done these days!

25 Things for Charity

I just joined this wonderful blog! I hope I can exceed 25 things and have lots of things to share over there!
25 Things For Charity
Go stop by if you get a chance and see all the wonderful things going on!

When it's time to change ...

You've got to rearrange ... la la la ...
Remember when the Brady Bunch kids sang that?
Well, I decided it is time for a change. So I'm rearranging the blog a little bit, changing things around a little bit and the like.
Anyway, it's mostly done, but I have a few more tweaks I want to make here and there. But I'm liking this new look so far!
Enjoy the new look and say hi if you get a chance! =)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ABC Along ...

Okay ... so I have joined an ABC along ... I figure I need to post up to at least D for now going by 2-3 letters per month ... so here goes!


A is for my oldest daughter (whose name starts with A) and for American Girl Dolls (which she is posing with the ones she owns) because yesterday we found out we are going to the American Girl Doll place in April


B is for Bitty Baby because we will see the Bitty Baby play while we are there

B is also for Basket of yarn - which I have in my living room waited for me to knit it into something!

B is also for books that I have been reading recently!


C is for crocodile cup that my oldest won last weekend while we were away at Wisconsin Dells. She is obsessed with this cup!