Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A matched set!

Well. Allow me to overshare for a moment.

I am almost back to having a matched set.

Yes, I am talking about my foobs (fake boobs). After losing one of the expanders (a temporary implant that I had put it at the time of the mastectomy) in December. After healing from a major infection. After surgery to clean up the skin in June. After getting the expander put back in last month. Today, today I got my first fill.

Yes, a fill ... where they take saline and inject it into the tissue expander and make it more full. 50cc's at a time (For more information on how this process works, you can read here)

Now that I've had said fill, both sides are almost even. I think you'd have to stare a lot to notice the difference in them (and no, that is not an invitation to stare! lol!)

And yes, this makes me happy.

Alright. Over-share over.

Happy Wednesday all!


  1. Covering my eyes, trying not to stare :)

  2. Brianne1:14 PM

    Woo hoo! Balance is good in life, I'm sure balanced boobs will bring a great sense of normalcy and relief. Hugs!


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