Friday, November 16, 2012


It's Friday. The 16th day in a row I've posted because I signed up for NaBloPoMo. I now know why I don't blog every day .... because it's hard. And I feel like I'm already out of things to write about and it's only the 16th! There is still half a month to go!

So, last night I pondered if I should just stop. I mean, frankly, you are all busy and you don't need to read a "Here. I posted today. The end." post. And also, um, I might already be stressed about things and so maybe I don't want to be stressed about thinking about what to post.

So last night I gave myself permission to not finish NaBloPoMo. I know, I know, but I'm posting today! Well, I haven't decided to quit just yet, but I also took the pressure off of having to finish. I hope I finish. But if I don't, the amazing thing is that the sun will still continue to rise in the morning and set in the evening. My blogging (or not blogging) is thankfully not powerful enough to affect that!


On a completely different note, I had my first of 7-that-feels-like-a-million-in-the-next-2-weeks appointment today and it was a good thing. I talked to the doctor about, well, pretty much everything I talked about yesterday. My doctor, she rocks, and she really listened. We're doing some blood work, and next week an ultrasound and to talk about what results are showing. She also recommended seeing a dietician and talking to the oncologist about starting a new medicine (that she wants to make sure will work with the med the onc has me on since she's not familiar with it). Which is good. But the best part is that a) she thinks it's a lot of hormone issues too (so nothing major) and b) she thinks we can get a handle on it. So basically she gave me hope, and that is a powerful thing.

We'll definitely know more when we get some of the lab work back. Of course, the downside of course, is due to my type of breast cancer, hormone therapy isn't an option, but she said we could work around that (and I'm consciously choosing to not focus on that part). But there is hope there. And darn-it, that feels good.


  1. Brianne5:30 PM

    Do you read the Oatmeal much? I thought about NaBloPoMo while reading this earlier today, and now I read your post :)

    (Warning: naughty language, Not safe for kids reading over your shoulder)

    You absolutely have permission to post (OR NOT) as you choose. Goals are great, artificial accomplishments, not so much. Hugs!

  2. I'm glad you got some good feedback. It's always nice when a doctor listens, and believes, and trusts your own feelings. :) I hope they're all able to work together and help you feel yourself.


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