Saturday, November 24, 2012


today is a lazy, relaxing saturday

we are sleeping in, eating breakfast slowly

relaxing on the couch with a good book

playing on the computer

playing a couple rounds of Carcassonne, as we learn to play all the expansions packs we just got

just hanging out and relaxing

there is a bit of cleaning in there too,  but not too much.

the husband is home ... it's the second day since the the start of september that he's been home and not working (the first being thanksgiving)

we like having him home, with no where to be, and nothing that needs to be done

the day passes by nicer, smoother, like he's a calming presence for all of us

these are the days I wish we had more of, the days I wish I could just hold onto tight and never let go

a day where everything just feels right. and calm. and perfect. and wonderful.

happy saturday ... I hope your Saturday is as lovely as ours is

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