Monday, November 11, 2013

Welcome Winter

When it first started snowing!
Today we had our first real snowfall of the season.

We had flurries in October, but today, the world was actually dusted in white. Thankfully, not enough to cause trouble, just enough to cause excitement. 

I let the youngest two take a break from schoolwork (I would have let the oldest go, but alas, she wanted to stay inside. So did I. It was also cold out there!) so that they could go play in the snow. I figure, what's the point of homeschooling if we can't do fun things like play in the first snowfall of the season? It's a big deal, especially so to the younger ones! 

Personally, I love and hate snow. I love how it looks when it's falling - especially when it's the big, fat, flakes falling from the clouds. It is gorgeous to look at. However, I hate cold weather with a passion. I'm never warm enough. I also hate driving in the snow. And I don't enjoy the shoveling. If my husband is reading this, he will laugh, because I also almost never shovel snow - we leave that to him. Thankfully, he's okay with it. and the kids might help (as much as they can) now and then.

But looking at snow is gorgeous. There is something beautiful about a world covered in white. Everything looks clean and wonderful. It calls to me to hunker down under a nice blanket and sip some hot chocolate, maybe light the fireplace. It's all so comfy and cozy and I love it.

So today, I stayed in my pajamas, huddled under the blanket and watched as the kids went out and played. It didn't snow enough to make the husband's drive home from work terrible. So, I'd say overall it was a win-win for everyone.

I'll end with the song I sang (loudly, off-key and happily) many times today. I learned it in elementary school and it has stuck with me! Enoy!

The First Snowball of The Season
(sung to the tune of Take Me Out To The Ballgame) 

It's the first snowball of the season
The first snowball of the year
And me and the kids in the neighborhood
Packed and pounded and rounded it good
Then we rolled it over to Main Street
With people popping their lids! (pop-pop-pop)
It's the FIRST SNOW BALL of the season when we were kids!


  1. Oh, that's fantastic :) It's lovely to real along as you enjoy these kind of moments.

  2. We haven't really had any snow here.


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