Thursday, November 28, 2013


I've got a lot to be thankful for this year. In honor of thanksgiving today (at least here in the states!), here are some things I'm thankful for

  • my awesome family - my husband and kids
  • the rest of my extended family - my parents, sisters, aunts, uncles - including my in-laws, who aren't so much in-laws to me as they are family
  • my friends - I have the best bunch of friends. Some live far, some live near, some of you live in the computer (lol!) but you are all awesome
  • a house to live in, and not just a house, a nice house, filled to the brim with everything we need and a lot of stuff we don't need
  • two cars to drive. I know some families with just one and I know it's hard on them
  • a full fridge, pantry, and freezer. We are not starving, we are not close to starving, we have lots of food. 
  • medicines I need. I've never had to not get a medication because I couldn't afford it. I've been able to get all the medicines I need
  • my doctors. I've got an awesome team taking care of me and I am truly grateful for that
  • my blog where I can be 100% completely me and share whatever is on my mind
  • television (silly, I know) I watch too much, but some days it gets me through the rough moments. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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  1. Happy thanksgiving to you! What a lovely list you've made. And I'm with you on the tele - it gets me through some rought times as well. Enjoy your long weeked :) ~Catherine


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