Friday, November 08, 2013


I've been a knitting fool and have made a lot of scarves lately. The thing is, I can walk and knit. And sometimes job in place and knit. And occasionally, I can jog in place, read a book, and knit. I know, I know, it's crazy. I'm usually pretty klutzy and so it amazes even me that I haven't killed myself yet. However, it seems I become less klutzy when I have a pair of knitting needles in my hand.

Anyway, I guess this is pretty fascinating because sometimes I mention it and then people look at me like I have two heads. I suppose, it's not often I see people walking down the street knitting away (though I did see it once, and no, I wasn't looking in a mirror). So, alas, in an effort to be healthy, train for the avon walk, I walk and knit.

Scarves are the easiest for sure. I once started a shawl and knit, but once it got to a certain width, it became impossible to do so. So I stick to scarves. I had about 8 done when I offered to sell one to someone, in exchange for a donation of their choosing to my Avon walk. I really expected people to be say oh, that's cute. I don't need one. Good luck. But a few people actually wanted the scarves I made. Kind of cool, and flattering (I won't lie!)

So today I mailed 3 scarves off to their new homes. I had 2 others (that were gorgeous if I do say so myself) but I forgot to photograph them before giving them to their new owners. Anyway, here are my walking scarves! The pictures are great. I took them with my phone last night while trying to get everything ready to ship =)

This scarf is going to the first person who responded. She mentioned she just got cream gloves and asked which scarf would match. I didn't actually have a cream one knit up, but I knew I had cream yarn, so I offered to make her one just for her!

Then there is this purple beauty, which I love. I may have to make myself a second one. This one was snatched up pretty quickly as well.

And last but not least, this gray beauty. Looks familiar huh? Someone saw the purple one and said, oh, can I have that in gray? And I said yes! I love this pattern so much. I could knit it a million more times and not grow tired of it. The yarn is thick enough that it keeps your warm, but the holes make it so it isn't too warm (as someone who is prone to hot flashes, that is pretty important to me!)

Anyway, some of my recent knitting to show you =) I suppose next week I'll have to talk more about all my walking, and somewhere I have a video of my walking and knitting that I might have to post!

Have a good Friday night!

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