Monday, November 18, 2013


Mister Man with his favorite!
It's that time of year again ... it's time for ChiTAG (Chicago Toy and Game Fair).

My family and I look forward to this every year. Well okay, for the last 3 years since that's how long we've known about it! It's a great place to have a lot of fun and learn about new games. Both of the last two years we've brought home a bunch of extra games to play.

We do play games around here fairly often. We don't have a set game night, but we have a pretty big board game selection and enjoy playing them as often as we can!

Miss M with her favorite
We all have our favorites to play, usually the newest games are the favorites, but we also have some classics we like to play as well. I enjoy playing Carcassonne. A new game we just got (warning, not for young kids, some cards have bad words on them) is Trailer Park Wars.

We have friends who also enjoy board games. Sometimes we are gifted some great ones. Other times we play a game at their house and end up buying it for ourselves. We've found some great games at ChiTAG. Two years ago we bought the game Gotcha at ChiTAG and it is a big hit! Lots of laughs during that one!

A rousing game of Ticket To Ride
All of this to say, we really love games! And ChiTAG is great for anyone who loves games, toys and having fun. ChiTag, once again, takes place at Navy Pier (side note: there is parking right there which is so helpful!). And ChiTAG is THIS weekend! I know, I should have told you about this like 3-4 weeks ago, but alas, my brain is a bit jumbled right now. But yes, ChiTAG is this weekend, November 23-24.

I think you should go to ChiTAG and so I'm giving away not one, but two family passes to attend! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. If you'd like to share your favorite game to play as a family, that would be awesome. But, feel free to leave pick me! Or I don't know, what would you play with your 5 year old? And also, leave your e-mail address so if you win, I can let you know! This is a QUICK giveaway. Enter by 8pm on Thursday (central time) and I'll alert the winners so they can plan the weekend accordingly!

If you don't win, you can buy tickets at the door. There is a $2.00 off coupon here you can print up and bring with you if you don't win.

Good luck and happy playing!

*Comments are now closed since the giveaway is over and a winner was chosen!