Saturday, November 09, 2013

Short and Sweet

Pre-date selfie
This post is short. My husband is sweet =)

Tonight he took me out to dinner at this fabulous Mexican place near us. Neither of us had been there before and the restaurant is newer. It was SO good. I told him he better take me back good ;-)

I even got all pretty - did my hairs, put on make-up, wore a kick-butt dress I bought yesterday during an impromptu shopping trip. I didn't even plan to buy a dress, but we passed the store and I saw the dress and just wanted to have it so badly. Then I tried it on and it fit. I asked the internet if I should buy the picture and boy, you guys sure are good and at encouraging me to spend money! So the dress came home with me.

So date tonight. Short and sweet =)
bad dressing room pic!


  1. Beautiful dress. I love the pattern. And I love Mexican food. Make me jealous. What'd you have for dinner?

  2. Look at you lovebirds :)


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