Thursday, November 14, 2013

And another

There was a third little baby born this year that needed a blanket, and once again I reached for a crochet hook and yarn.

Now this blanket has quite the story behind it. I found one of those free patterns from the big box craft store and loved it. I bought the yarn it recommended (and how much it recommended). I did this several years ago.

I picked it up and began to work and realized I would have a blanket fit for a doll. So I thought, no problem! I'll just go to the store and get more yarn and crochet more rows and repeats than the pattern called for!

Do you know where this story is going? The yarn isn't made anymore. There was one that was close, but I knew put together, it would be obvious they were different. So back home and to the drawing board, because I liked the yarn and I wanted to use it!

I ended up using one strand of yarn (the pattern called for two), bumped up the crochet hook a bit and took off. After making the blanket I added an edging (the pattern didn't call for it) in the solid blue which I think made the sides look a lot nicer. In the end, I loved it. Sometimes things need to be tweaked. I don't often feel comfortable tweaking things, especially with crochet as I don't feel as comfortable with it. But it worked so well.

My cats especially loved this blanket! I may have to make them their own. They often cuddled up with it (but don't worry, I washed it really well before giving it to baby just in case!). This is another blanket I would make again if I had the chance!

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  1. That's beautiful. I love the edging.


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