Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So, I mostly stick to knitting, but every so often I reach for a crochet hook instead. I probably should crochet more than I do, but knitting was my first love and it's my default setting.

Earlier this year, we had some new babies arrive and I just knew I wanted to crochet some blankets for the little babes.

I made this lovely blanket. It's called the Baby Boy Wrapper. (side note: I'd totally make this for a girl too! But alas, this was made for some cute boys). I crocheted this blanket, and used a white/blue mix for the main blanket and a straight blue for the edging. I instantly fell in love with this blanket. So I made it again for another little boy.

I would absolutely crochet this up again for a little baby. It was fun to crochet and crochets up beautiful. The yarn I used (which I can't remember, or I'd tell you) was so soft and didn't feel too heavy. Oh, I loved it so much!

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  1. Those are the very best blankets. My mommade me one when I was born and I still have it to this day :)


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