Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Random pictures ...

I pulled out another UFO item recently. This is a sweater that was supposed to be given to someone for Christmas last year. I never finished it (obviously) mostly because the more I knit it last year, the more I kind of didn't like it. Actually, I started to hate it.
I don't hate it anymore, but I'm not really liking it!
Anyway here is where it was when I pulled it out:

I have almost finished the front piece at this point. I kind of want to put it away again though. But I'm going to try to push myself to just completely finish it and be done with it! Anyway, we'll count it towards my UFO Resurrection Challenge.

I also had the pleasure to do a bit of embroidery. This person requested this for a bridal shower gift. The bride and groom are taking a honeymoon to a warm place on the beach.

I think the towels turned out so cute! I will have to steal this idea for the future!


  1. Love the towells, that is what my in-laws did for us when we got married....the towells have since been worn out though! I thought it was a nice decorative touch. Great work! Wish you were here so I could have you embroider stuff for me, I have a bunch of needs....okay wants! ;)

  2. I love those towels. They'd make great housewarming gifts, too. You could embroirder the family's monogram on them. Another product to add to my list for to make me when the occasion arises :-)


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