Friday, September 28, 2007


That, my dear readers, is the sound of me screaming!
I really have something to tell you all, but I'm not telling it yet! Monday, on Monday my friends, come back and check in with me. Because hopefully then I'll have something so fun and exciting to tell you. And I swear I am not trying to be mean and doing the whole "I know something you don't know" routine. I'm just about to burst and this is helping me feel less like exploding ...

and just in case - allow me to tell you, I am NOT pregnant. Because if I were, my husband would be pretty upset since, well, we paid a doctor to keep him from getting me pregnant ROFL!

In the mean time, I started something else. And no I shouldn't have started another project with everything I have half-started, but oh well! Here's a picture to tide you over ...

I'm not sure about it yet .... but I'm going to keep plugging along on it! It will be one of my Homemade Christmas gifts so hopefully I can get another gift made quickly! LOL!

Some more yummy things I made this week:
One bag of these:

One helper (and I can't tell you if he is putting the apple pieces in the pan or sneaking one piece to eat because he did his fair share of both! ROFL!)

We filled the pot!

I don't have the end pictures, but 6 big jars of applesauce are in my freezer and one huge jar is in my fridge! Yummy ... there is nothing like homemade applesauce! =)

And oh - the best part ... the bag of apples was 3 bucks! They were all "seconds." Admittedly, there were 4 that just went straight to the trash. A couple had small spots - the rest, I can not for the life of me figure out how they made it to a seconds bag - they were perfect! We did cut up a couple just to eat them! Really, I can't imagine - all that applesauce for 3 dollars! If I'm lucky dh will bring me home another bag just like it tomorrow to make more applesauce with!
=) Yes, we are blessed!


  1. How fun! Our HEB's don't have seconds, because they give them to the local food shelter, but I really miss where we used to live because we would always buy seconds of bread, fruits, and food products. I miss that because HEB is forcing us to buy full price (I guess good for them!!)

  2. WOW. I made applesauce with my stepmother one time, and it was a lot of work. Hats off to you.


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