Thursday, September 13, 2007

Currently working on ...

Placemats (that were started forever ago and so are consequently part of my UFO Resurrection project this month LOL!)

Also, listening to Dave Ramsey's radio show. Because I think Dave is taking over our lives - but I mean that in a good way!

I can not believe how into this whole thing dh and I are right now. How much we have changed so quickly (thank the Lord that we are getting it and changing it!) My husband left me a little love letter the other day. And he wrote in it "P.S. Let's stick to our new budget. I agree it's the best thing that's happened to us in a long time." Maybe I'm dorky, but that at the end of his little note to me did make my heart flutter, because I had been feeling the same way about it all! And to think dh was feeling how that it was just that wonderful - well, it's nice to be on the same page!

So we were driving home from class on Tuesday and chatting. Dh mentioned he was positive we need to take the class at least 2 more times - to really get it and let it all sink in, and as we make it through the baby steps different parts of the classes will become more important to us.

[I have to admit here, although dh was glad I won, he went into the first class with a "well, of course it will all sound good, but will it actually work and will we get realistic expectations." And I'm not positive on this, but I'm thinking if I hadn't won the class, well, he probably wouldn't have paid to be there. (Now, I will have to ask him to see if I'm right about that!) But we did win it (again a shout out: Thank You Lu!) and we are there and we are so excited about it.]

Anyway, talking about how we will need to take the class again. So I agreed and said now if only we could find it at a closer church or at our church. To which dh pointed out my church isn't too much closer and if I wanted to see it there, I should go ahead and teach it. Which of course made the little wheel in my head start to spin! And I think I would enjoy spreading this around to other people - really how awesome would that be?! Anyway, it won't happen soon. Because I feel swamped already and I don't think it's in my near-future. But in 6 months to a year from now? Maybe. It's there. The idea is now tucked into the back of my mind as a possibility for someday.

Anyway, the budget was perfect last week. Even had a few surprises on bills that came in less than what we budgeted for. It really feels like dh and I are on a mission. And we are attacking it head on, and it is so incredibly awesome!

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