Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another project to show!

I have another item to show all you folks!
It's the Birdie Bag I made for my little momma's birthday!


The lining on the inside, I made from a shirt of hers that got a hole. She was so sad when we told her she couldn't wear it anymore and I've been saving it to use it somewhere for her (although, I have to admit here, she didn't recognize it LOL Oh well!)


Of course, I forgot to snap a picture of the inside to show you all how it looked put together, and now she has it filled to the brim with things LOL!

*I also want to add, that we put 3 Signing Times videos inside of it for her as part of her present. We love Signing times in our house and are constantly trying to check them out at the library (but they are very popular and are often not available). She seems to have a knack to learn the signs and I'd like to encourage her to keep it up! =)

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