Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hair Cuts for Little Men - A Review!

Over a month ago, Nancy had a post on her blog saying that she would give 2 copies of her book away if someone had a little boy who needed a hair cut! I happened to be the first commenter, and so was given her book! I printed it right away, read it, dh and I talked every week how we would cut Little Man's hair that weekend. Of course, life happens and somehow the hair cut kept getting pushed to the next weekend. Well, we finally were able to sit him down tonight and give him his haircut!

First, let me tell you, this is the third time I have cut his hair (well, maybe the fourth, I really haven't counted). Before I kind of prayed that God would allow him to look semi-normal when we were through. I cut it a few times with just scissors and once with clippers and scissors. It has ALWAYS been uneven. It has always had spots that bother me to look at. He had one particular section that was quite long and yes, a few relatives pointed it out each time they saw him and laughed at how "cute" it was. Of course, I didn't think it was cute because it meant I did a bad cutting job! But, I would always think - he's 1. He doesn't sit still. The fact that I can even attempt to cut his hair seemed okay to me ...

And in came Nancy's book. When I read it, it made complete sense. She suggests an order that sounded fabulous (and much better than the method I tried to cut the hair with prior LOL!). The book was easy to read, she included lots of good pictures and most of all, it just made sense. She makes cutting hair seem pretty simple - no complicated language, no terms I needed a cosmetology license to understand - just straight forward and simple. Which I think, is fabulous!

Anyway, tonight we put it into practice. Because well, lots of times I read things that seem to make sense, but then when I try to do them, well, I'm lost! Thankfully, I did not have that feeling tonight! Oh bless Nancy - not only was it easy to read, but her instructions were easy to follow too! Now, trust me, I had a 20 month old tonight who was bopping around like crazy, and I could still follow the book easily! Of course, dh had to hold Little Man, my 7 year old took pictures, both dh and Little Miss were helping my juggle the book, the scissors and the comb - but, he had a hair cut. And I think, frankly, it looks pretty darn good! I feel like I accomplished something and so far I can't find any huge chunks of hair I forgot to cut! Phew!!
So I give this book 2 thumbs up! Go - go and buy it and learn to cut hair all for yourself! (Click here to buy it!)

Some proof:




A few "in progress"

(and yes, he is eating a snack in the second picture because sometimes, well, you gotta bribe them! LOL!) More pictures are here.

Now, as a bonus, I also cut my Big Man's hair using these guides tonight. Because one, if I can cut his hair for him, that's a big savings each year and well, that would be nice! LOL! I have also tried to cut Big Man's hair in the past - one time, and the sides were uneven, and honestly, I'm pretty shocked he let me attempt it again - probably only because I was using the book and I had already finished Little Man's hair!
Anyway, it looks a million times better than last time - which says a lot because it was uneven coming into the cut (I guess a lot like Little Man's was as well). I asked dh what he thought of it. He likes it. He won't be embarrassed to go to work tomorrow - good. His only comments were I didn't deal with the colic like his normal stylist and his hair is thick and I guess she usually does something with some thinning clippers. I want to add though - those complaints have NOTHING to do with the book! The book was specifically for boy's hair. Dh is just thinking maybe we can get Nancy to write a book for Men's hair that will address colics and thick hair!
I might also add that granny has also requested a book to cut her hair - she likes it thin, and so far when it comes to females, I can only cut straight across. Although, I think an e-book for girls might be in the works? Maybe? (Read that as PLEASE PLESE NANCY!!!)

Dh's before:


Anyway, as I said before, I give the book 2 thumbs up! And if you have any desire to cut your son's hair (or even your husbands) for whatever reason - money, convenience, etc ... purchase this book! You won't regret it! =)


  1. Anonymous10:56 PM

    The cuts look great!! You did a great job!!

    I cut my dh's hair and the boys with clippers... dh is the only one that makes me nervous cutting his hair.

  2. Wow, you're brave! Ever since I snipped my brother's ear 20 years ago, I can't get near anyone with scissors....

  3. GREAT JOB!!!

    I cut hubbies hair once, he ended up having to have it shaved because he thought I might have hit the sauce some while I was cutting it. I also tried to cut my daughters bangs and hair...again the sauce was to blame. With help I might tackle it again, I might just check this out! Thanks for the tip.

  4. You are a brave women! I've thought about it and tried to do Bubbie's, at least his bangs! I might just pick this book up!

  5. Hi Brandie,
    I just finally got back on line and updated my blog. I linked to your review. I can't tell you how blessed I was (still am!) by it and I am so impressed with those wonderful haircuts. Thanks so much for doing the review, I know it took a ton of time and effort and I am so thrilled! If you would like to give away a copy of the ebook, I would love to do that for you! Just pick a friend or choose a someone who left you a comment and let me know. I will be happy to send them a free copy!

    Have a blessed week!


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