Thursday, September 20, 2007

A few contests ...

for lack of better things to post about at the moment (but some pictures of some things coming soon!) I just want to share these two contests with you. But really, don't sign up so that I have a few less competitors! Just teasing! Go enter, if you'd like a chance to win them too, because I personally think they are fabulous contests!

Both are being hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom - which almost always has GREAT contests you can participate in!

The first is for a Dyson vacuum. I almost might vacuum as frequently as I should if I had this machine!
From their site
Dyson is helping to find a cure for Breast Cancer.
They have created a limited edition, oh-so-fashionable Pink vacuum and they are donating $40 from each sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
The pink beauties are exclusively available at Target… but you need to hurry because they are already 50% sold out! And since these Pink All Floor vacuums are a limited edition, once they’re gone… well you know the end of that sentence.
Go to their site, to this post, and sign up for yourself!

Second give away:
For a Chicco Stroller

Again, from their site:
Earlier this month, we gave you a heads up about a fantastic giveaway promotion that Chicco is running during the month of September — They’re giving away 30 Strollers in 30 Days.

But now we have even more good news… we’re also going to give away the same model of Chicco stroller here on 5 Minutes for Mom!

Um, yes, I would like this too! I have one stroller on the way to the garbage (since dh broke it) and the other stroller we have, well, I kind of sort of hate it, but I had to get one that could fold for the car (since the broken one doesn't fold AT ALL anymore thanks to my dear husband). So if I could get this, I'd be set! Yeah!

You can go here to enter this one!

Anyway, if these things sound like something you might want to win, go sign up! =)

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  1. You're safe from me as competition. A Dyson might mean I'd have to vacuum. And a stroller would mean...yikes!!!!!


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