Monday, February 04, 2008

Thing-A-Day: Day 3

Today was I made a really fun thing: an accordion book. Now, I have never made one of these before and didn't know how much fun I would have with it. We took a trip to the zoo recently and so I made it from those pictures. I can see how these could become quite addicting! If I ever made a scrapbook from this time, I think the accordion book would fit int here very nicely and give me a way to showcase lots of pictures without doing 10 scrapbook pages.
I took a bunch of pictures, (which you can see here), but I'll just post the mosaic of them here:
Zoo Trip Accordian book

My girls also both did their projects today as well. One made a bookmark and the other made a book. It's so cute. They wake up and almost immediately begin to brainstorm about what they will make for thing-a-day today! They are having fun with it and that is really fun for me to watch =)

I do believe that I will be making more of these little books in the future! They really were fun to make. I'm also thinking I might display this on the fireplace mantle for a bit and maybe once a month or so making a new one to put there as a way to showcase photos and have something to save for when I finally get around to making scrapbooks! =)

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  1. Your things a day are depressing me!

    You should be really proud of your work though!


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