Monday, February 11, 2008

Only a little sad ...

Tomorrow, I was supposed to go to a taping of Oprah.
I sadly, had to call and cancel today. One of my children is sick, my mom is sick, my babysitter's child was just dx'd with strep throat and we're supposed to get a mini snow storm tomorrow am that will make the drive in VERY unpleasant.
I'm not sure if they will offer other tickets to us. Truthfully, I don't expect that they will. The taping is almost done for this season's shows and it would also mean that they would have to have openings left in other shows. And we canceled on them, (but Teresa from the audience department, if you are reading this and can make it happen, I will be there next time for sure LOL!)
Anyway, I was feeling kind of crabby after making that call because well, it's the Oprah show. And I like Oprah and I thought it would be SO fun to sit in the audience and watch a taping, ya know?

But my pain has been lifted a bit.
First I read an e-mail that said I won this cute sunflower totebag. And I already know my girls are going to try to steal it from me and make it their own! But I'll be nice and share it with them when it comes. But how pretty will my new shopping bag/library bag/overnight bag be? I think it's pretty nice looking! =)

Then I got an e-mail saying I won in this Shakley giveaway! I didn't win the big prize, which I would have LOVED to win, but I won a nice little giveaway in which I will get a bottle of basic H2O and 3 spray bottles - which is awesome! I have been wanting to switch us over to more natural cleaners and this will help start us off on a very good foot! If you'd like to get started too, go over to this post, there is a special for anyone who wants to order for their home as well!

Anyway, winning these items helps me feel a little bit better. But I will still miss Oprah tomorrow. I just know we would have had a good time together. :::sigh::: But it's okay. I really got that the universe was telling me not to go - but I admit, when only 2 people were sick, I was still ready to go ... the third sick person and the snow storm warnings. Okay, I get it people! LOL


  1. Hope you have better days ahead.

    And have a happy Valentine's.


  2. Oh, you poor thing! The sacrifices that moms make .... I hope everyone feels better and that you get to go another time!

  3. I'm sorry you missed Oprah, but you did win a book on my blog! :) If you'll email me with your address I'll get it in the mail to you.


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