Friday, February 29, 2008

Back again today!

Two posts in one day .... that's amazing!

Anyway, thanks for all the nice comments I've been getting. Because, well, I like comments and LOVE nice ones! They make me smile - and remind me I have been very bad about leaving comments myself lately so I really need to step it up (I used to make it a point to leave at least one comment a day and I have not been doing that lately :-( )

But really, what I wanted to say was I just found a new hero ... go meet her here. The premise of her blog: to not shop for a year (except the necessities like food and clothing). AND not only are they not shopping but she is going through and doing some serious decluttering of her house. Seriously, I am so in awe. I mean, we have greatly reduced our shopping, but it was really because of financial reasons. We wouldn't be doing it just to stop bring all the crud into our house. Seriously go read about it because it rocks. (and now I am really motivated to declutter our house more!) She also has another blog here which is a GREAT blog as well. And I found her through The Motherhood Blog ticker so we'll call this reason 4,691 that I love The Motherhood! =)


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hey. Hope you're doing ok... I tagged you if you're up for it!

  2. Anonymous3:04 PM

    I tagged ya too. lol


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)