Monday, February 11, 2008

Some more ramblings ...

Weekend was pretty good.

Saturday I had a meeting to help plan a wedding - so fun. I think I could plan weddings as a career choice, but I'm not that good and although I am helping plan, the bride and groom had a lot done already and that was nice! =)

Saturday evening the girls and I had a girls night out. I'll give you a hint as to what we did (and anyone with tweens will probably get this) ...

What team? Wildcats!
What team? Wildcats!
Wildcats! Getcha head in the game!


We saw Disney's High School Musical the Ice Tour.
As a fluke, when we were leaving, we saw the guy who played Troy and got a picture.


Sunday left me watching some more LOST (2 more episodes and I'm done with season 1), I finished the back of my cardigan, and started the front.

100_9822 100_9823

Now I have a job. The bride in the above mentioned wedding wants to make all the invitations/place cards/thank you's herself (and by herself I mean she wants us to do it for her - well, she would help, but wants ideas). So I need to make some sample cards for her. I am actually excited about this. The good news is the wedding is in February 2009, so we have lots of time to really work on these and do something just gorgeous, ya know? So we meet again at the end of March and I want to work up a few ideas for her. I have quite a few rumbling around in my head. I just need to make them and see if they work as well in real life as they work in my head. Dh and I talked about it, and if she likes what I bring her (because 3 other people will be coming up with ideas as well) then we have decided we will just make them all for her and that can be our wedding present for her. I'm guessing 100-150 will go out as we're looking at an invite list of about 250 people (but I think 60 are kids). So we'll see where that goes and I need to go shopping for supplies to make something really nice for her. She wants the professional look for the homemade price, which I can completely understand! =)

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