Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is now officially Valentine's Day.
I have to admit, we rarely make a big deal out of this day. Just a few simple cards to pass out where necessary and that's it.
Well, my husband informed me he got me a gift this year! So, I had to go out and get him something. And went tonight! Nothing like the last minute. But I put together a nice little bag of goodies for him - and not that he reads this, but in case he does, I won't share yet what it is because he won't get it until after the kids go to bed tomorrow night (and no, not because it's what you're thinking it is but because that will be the first time all day we will spend more than a few moments with each other!)

But I did whip up a few goodies for the girls and I can't wait to see what they think of them!!
First I made some lovely magnets (which I've been dying to make but it's taken forever to get to the store, buy the supplies and then finally sit down and make them).


Okay, I admit, a few of them are for me and not the girls, but aren't they cute? They saw the pictures I was gathering earlier of Hannah and the HSM crew and were SO curious as to why I would want those pictures! It was kind of funny to hear them try and guess!

Then I used those magnets (and some stickers) to decorate these lovely little boxes:


I can't wait to get some mail in my box! and I have left some in theirs already as well =) I hope they are as excited about all of this as I am!

But now, now, it is SO late. And I need to get some sleep!

I wish all of you a GREAT Valentine's Day =)

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