Saturday, August 04, 2007

UFO Challenge ...

I am hanging my head in shame. I signed up to do the UFO Resurrection Challenge, did it for 2 months and promptly forgot about it!
This may be why I have such trouble finishing projects that are left undone.
Anyway, I went back and thought - the scarf I finished for the Harry Potter party was an unfinished project until I finished it! So there, with 3 things for the UFO Challenge, today I decided it was time to get on with it.
So I pulled out this:

Which I might add, I blogged about here - back in 2005! I was going to make a bedskirt for the bed my dd was sleeping in. This would have looked fabulous in her room frankly. But we don't have that room, and we don't have that bed, and we don't have the bedding I picked out for it to match. So today, I pulled it out, and took apart what I had done and now it looks like this:

I thought I might be sad as I ripped all those stitches out, but actually I felt relieved. This has been sitting in a bundle on the floor of my office, just taunting me. I swear it was whispering "ha ha you never finished me!" and I wanted to finish it but there was no point, we don't have that sized bed anymore. So now I feel better. It's taken apart, no need to finish it. Now, I can have fun with it and find other projects to use it for! And that purple gingham, well, since it was already cut into a very long skinny rectangle ... I'm thinking it might make great napkins for the children of the house, and for the adults as well! LOL! I'm thinking about it ... but haven't decided quite yet!

And watch for some more items to be pulled out and looked it this month. I have an entire box of UFO's and I'd like to do something about them all!


  1. Wow. A productive, crafty person. I would have just dumped it over at the goodwill.

    I aspire to be the sort of person who has the vision to just recycle things into other things. Instead, I get bogged down and end up lost.

    I gave myself the task of going through my desk drawers the other day and I swear, it overwhelmed me after ten minutes. So much junk! Why in the hell would I save a piece of paper with some song lyrics on it that I don't remember printing out or why? And why did I save the number of Menards?

    See? It was just too much.

  2. Maybe I should take a challenge like this. I have a cross-stitch of The Last Supper, that I started back in November 1997 that I still have not finished!

    Ok you can quit laughing at me now. lol


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