Thursday, August 09, 2007

In a funk ...

So I've been in this funk all week. I think too much going on, the diet thing kind of freaked me out, and I don't know - things just weren't going the way I thought they would.
I have not crafted at all all week. That's really serious - a) because I usually try to squeeze in as much craft time as possible and b) I still need to finish all the give away items and get them mailed out (sorry winners, but I swear they are coming!)

However, tonight I feel renewed, re-energized and ready to face life! The good news is that after only 2 days on a mostly modified diet, there have already been noticeable differences with my darling daughter. I am shocked. My husband thinks it is a fluke (but also hopes he is completely wrong). Even if tomorrow is not as good as today for her body, we at least had one good day! I am so excited about this I can't even believe it. She is also excited as well (and happy to know that even though she is missing a few foods that it's for a good reason! LOL!) If I were a betting mom, I'd bet it's wheat/grains that are the issue. It's the only thing on the list we have completely eliminated from her diet. But I think this is a good sign.

And I'm ready to craft again - to knit, to sew, to scrapbook, to read, to draw, to do all sorts of fun things. Of course, we have plans to be out of the house all day tomorrow, so my desire will have to wait but that's okay with me!

And, also, today I got my quilt from Corrie at Tyler's Triumph. (You can see it here - hopefully tomorrow I can up-load the pictures I took of it but the camera is missing at the moment LOL!) And I have to say, it's even more lovely in person. The pictures do not do it justice. It matches my couches beautifully and it matches other furniture we have. The stitching is fabulous. I am really in love with this quilt. I am even taking it over to granny's tomorrow because she wants to see this quilt that I was telling her about! And yes, I did snuggle under it today ... the tornado sirens were going off (thankfully only a funnel cloud passed by us and not an actual tornado) but we were nervous and headed to the basement - which is freezing compared to the rest of the house, so I wrapped up in the quilt and felt better =) Really, it is so gorgeous. I can't believe it was hand quilted. I feel like I was cuddling up with someone's hard work and it's kind of a nice feeling (of course I'm assuming it was stitched with love and good thoughts and I'd like to think that if it was stitched that way, those good thoughts get passed into our house now!)

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling for tonight. Tomorrow evening, I want to finish the market bag - I'm so close. Then I need to do a tee-shirt Friday and all of my give aways will be finished and ready to be mailed off (probably Monday morning by my dh!)


  1. I'm glad to hear she's doing better!

  2. Good to hear that your daughter is doing better with the restricted diet. I sure hope and pray you find out what is wrong. (and that it isn't everything)
    I can't wait to see the things you are working on. The Market Bag has me intrigued.

  3. What a happy blog!
    I'm so happy for you and your daughter!

  4. God...crafting. I can't even see me remotely close to anything involving scissors, glue, or yarn.

    And, I hope the diet helps. Food is very strange. If I drink a lot of water, I always feel better...but I just hate drinking water. And if I eat too many grains...I feel all sluggish and tired.

    Oatmeal always brings me around....


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