Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Contest ...

Yes! People I do love contests! And I love telling you about them as well!
So my friend Damselfly is hosting some contests in honor of Flybaby turning 1. I gotta tell you, I love reading about Flybaby because he reminds me of 2 of my children and it brings back memories ... and every so often I read something Damselfly writes and it just sends me back down memory lane. So yes, I am partial to this baby and this momma honestly.
And now, now there is a contest over there.

There are cute clothes (that won't fit my little man but I know other babies who would look fabulous in them!), itunes gift card and a gap gift card (both of which I could spend in minutes!) So go read this post, write about it yourself and sign Mr. Linky. And then if you haven't visited Growing a Life before, explore it some more! It's a great blog and I think you might like it!

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  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Well you need to stop by my blog each day and check out the daily edition of contests galore. I post many contest from around the blogsphere into one entry... each day is a new entry with new contests I happen upon or are emailed to me with the details.

    Laura Williams' Musings


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