Thursday, August 09, 2007

Please don't laugh where I can hear it ...

But I just found out Saturday the Hallmark Channel is running a "Murder She Wrote" marathon hosted by Angela Landsbury!
OMG! Really, I love that show. (Hallmark channel also shows episodes from 10pm to 12pm central time zone each weeknight which is usually what is on then!).
Yes, my family does make fun of me about watching it (especially my 16 year old sister). But I do love that show so much. I think it's because when the show ran the first time, I watched it with my grandma and I loved watching it with her.
Anyway, Saturday, my goal is to have Murder She Wrote on the television as I am knitting/sewing/crafting away!


  1. ...hee, hee!

    (I don't think I've ever heard anyone get excited over "Murder She Wrote!")

  2. Lol...I am only laughing because I, too, love Murder She Wrote! I could watch it all day! (wish I were around Saturday so I COULD!!!)

  3. Wow. Murder She Wrote. I have never seen that one.

    I do remember that my mother used to enjoy it though....:)

  4. Ha! I get excited about marathons of Remington Steele! Hope you had fun! BTW, I sent you an email! You're the winner of the contest!


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