Monday, March 07, 2005

Promised pictures ...

Just a bit later than I promised them! I haven't really made any progress this last week. I did finish a knit scarf. But that's about all! I need to finish something to keep my momentum up though LOL!!
Anyway, here are works in profress, or even some planned projects coming up!

Shawl I am knitting ...

close-up of shawl. It's using Lion Brand Trellis yarn. I'm not a fan of it to be honest! LOL!

Dress I started about one year ago! LOL! I really need to finish it!

Dress I plan to make for my 2 year old!

close-up of fabric

dress I am making for oldest (it's the one the girl is wearing on the pattern - just pretend the pink plain is where her brown is the and floral is where the pink is on her dress LOL!)

Bag I am making for a relative ... the jean on the outside, blue flowers as the liner. It will also have a pocket on the outside of it.

bag I am making for my 2 ... she loves her trains!

bed skirt I am making for my 5 ... this is how it looks now (and theoritically it could go on her bed) ... however ...

this is how I want it to look ... I want both the purple and the blue to be on it!

And here is the pile of fabric that I have been buying recently to make more fun things! LOL!

Knitting bag/knitting needle cases fabric

I also need to whip out 2 blankets (for girls quickly) and finish an outfit to make for a friend's dd. I have a lot to do! LOL!


  1. thank you for your comments sweetie, and I like the reds that you are doing your bag and needle case in
    (love reds, magenta, oranges, yellows, purples........)

  2. I love the way that yarn in the first pic knits up...but I bet it would be one of those that you can't knit with the kids around because the expletives are flying. (kind of like fun fur. lol)

    Where did you get the train fabric? I've got 2 train obsessed little girls who would LOVE it!


Seeing your comments makes me smile! Thank you so much =)