Friday, August 03, 2007

Oh Dear ...

We are trying for the second day of no pacifier in our house.
Please, send me lots of prayers LOL! There has been a lot of crying going on here today. Which I expected but sort of hoped wouldn't happen.
Now yesterday, Little Man took no pacifier, but guess what? It was because he never asked for it. He played and was happy and never bothered by not having a pacifier. We were also out of the house all day and I thought to myself, hey, maybe the pacifier is just a habit he got into at home and probably he doesn't really need it. Granted, he did get it at bedtime last night - I didn't want to traumatize the boy! LOL!

So today he woke up and I took it away from him. And he did really good. And then about 90 minutes ago, he went to the cabinet where we keep them and asked for it (in his own little gibberish way). And I told him no. And I tried to take him outside and to play with the bus or to look at a book or something to get him to start crying. After about 30 minutes the fussing was over - for all of 15 minutes. And then he was very fussy again, crying for his paci, and then he found something. Right now, he is playing with his sister. It is lunchtime and we have had no paci yet today. I can not honestly say that if he spends much time this afternoon whining for it, that I won't crack and throw it his way.

Yes, I know, it's not very consistent is it? But really, he usually has it in his mouth almost all day long. Going a morning without it ... that's a BIG accomplishment for him. So maybe today we go half a day, and maybe next week he'll go a little longer and a little longer. Maybe? Or maybe he'll surprise me and forget about this afternoon! I can hope, can't I?


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Prayers that you both will get through this quickly. It's hard to break habits like that. I only had one that took a pacifier and two others who did for a little while but got rid of it own their own. Times were trying those couple of days.

  2. Good luck! The Boy would never take a pacifier I wasn't too disappointed about that because I have heard so many stories like yours of trying to wean little ones from them. Sooner or later your little guy won't even miss it though :-)

  3. I had a terrible time weaning Liv from her pacifier. I am embarrassed to say that she was nearly 4 before she gave it up completely. And now, I wonder why I made such a big deal about it. I mean, she gave it up when she was ready. And she knew the rules: she only got it at home.

    But, still...I worried that she would be starting kindergarten with it. She didn't.

    It will all work out, I promise.

  4. One of my little Nieces By Proxy is going through paci-withdrawal right now. With little success, I might add. It's been a tough one. Mom and Dad are hoping that when she starts day care/preschool this September she'll be able to adjust to life without it. I'm just glad I'm not there to deal with it! ;) Best of luck to your little guy! I'm sure he'll forget all about it soon

  5. I feel your pain! Getting my middle child off the paccie was a chore. When she was 1 we only allowed her to have it in the crib. Then at 2, not at all. Stick with it - it gets better!


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