Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nancy Drew: Danger at the Great Lakes

Today my dear readers, I have a very special treat for you. Today I have a guest blogger, known as Miss A. Miss A loves to read and so we have decided to let Miss A review some books here at A Journey. Miss A also happens to be my oldest daughter, who will be 8 in a few months. I am very glad she is joining me on my blogging fun!
Here is her first book review ever! (We have never done something so formal before with her).
I should warn you that Miss A doesn't understand the concept of spoilers yet and how to summarize a book without giving it away! Also, Miss A doens't type well, so she told everything to me and I typed it for her. I have not changed or edited her writing in any way. I wanted this to be fun for her =)

Her Summary:
Nancy and her friends Beth and George went shopping because they were going on a cruise. And they met this girl named Amber and they helped her pick out clothes for the cruise because they were going on the same one. They met this nice girl and at the end of the story it got a little worser than the beginning. Because their friend was really a bad friend. The bad girls tried to lock Nancy in the basement. They also tried to toss her into Lake Erie. And then they found out that their friend Amber (who they met at the mall) was really a bad person. And the bad people were named Amber and Laura Huston. The bad girls tied up Nancy, Beth and George in their room and then they pointed a gun at them and locked them in the bathroom and left. But Nancy heard her dad breaking into the rooms. But they had tape on their mouth. Nancy used her eyes to tell her friends to kick the door so they could get out. And then Interpol found Craig (Nancy's friend) and then they had to go search for Laura Huston and Amber Huston. Interpol found Laura and Amber and Nancy and her friends enjoyed the cruise home. The End

Her Thoughts:
My favoritest part was when they found Laura Huston and Amber Huston. And my leastest favoritest part was when Amber Huston tried to knock Nancy into Lake Eerie. I liked the book because it had sad parts, happy parts. And it had parts where people met people. And I think that it should be the most bestest book in the world.

2 thumbs up!

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