Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not much ...

to show right now!
I have been busy making some shirts, knitting some bags, and all that fun stuff (mostly for the contests from last week!)
But this week we started off our schooling year. Today we completed day 3. There is always a time of transition when trying to start up a year, especially considering we haven't really been on track since late winter. Yes, I know, that is terrible! But with the move, the little guy, all that stuff, we just really needed time to settle (and unpack) and attempt to organize everything. So my week has been filled with planning out days and doing lots of reading - we are switching schooling gears over here and trying a different method of learning. So far my dd is responding favorably to it. She likes the books we are reading, likes that there is a lot more drawing and talking going on between us and a lot less worksheets. So, after 3 days, I think things are going pretty good over here with it.
And hopefully next week, we'll get into the rhythm of it and I'll find more time to get some knitting or sewing done. And I'll have lots of pretty things to show everyone!

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