Friday, August 17, 2007

Homemade Christmas

So I was reading Adventures in Babywearing the other day (actually, I've been reading for awhile and if you haven't read over there yet, go. It's a great blog!)
The other day, she wrote here about maybe doing homemade Christmas gifts this year - with all the recalls and whatnot. And the little wheel in my head starting spinning ...
homemade Christmas gifts. Well, it's an idea I've been toying with for a while (in fact it's on my list of 101 in 1001!). And I decided now is the year to do it.
So this Christmas my goal is to do a lot of homemade gifts. Now, we have to buy for a lot of people, so to start now and think I'm going to make them all is a bit of a challenge. I would have had to start planning January to make that happen. But I know I can make a good amount of gifts.
So, who wants to join me? Who wants to do a homemade Christmas this year? We can share ideas, how-to's, motivate each other to finish and just have fun making special things for our families this year!

Want to join in the fun with me? Leave a link on the Mr. Linky below and we can start with maybe updates every 2 weeks for now and as we get closer to Christmas, we can go once a week?
And come back here soon - I'll try to have links to share with ideas!

p.s. I also started a group over at so stop by there as well!


  1. I am definitely up for this! I plan to post some good ideas soon- I am working on it!!


  2. I make homemade Christmas gifts every year, but mine are from my herb garden. I dry them out in my basement and then put them in little glass jars....

  3. I make homemade gifts every year. I have a plan for this year, just haven't gotten around to starting them yet. Think I should do that soon???


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