Monday, July 30, 2007

Everyone has an exciting story to tell.

Yes. Everyone! Even you!
I sometimes don't believe that about myself - well, I suppose I would believe it if it said "everyone has a story to tell." But an exciting one?
My day to day life doesn't always feel exciting. The truth is that most days it feels boring, ordinary, mundane, and the same old thing. As a matter of fact I was joking last week that if I had a twitter account, it would be pretty boring for other people to read. That it might look something like this:
9:30 wake up (yes, I know that it really late for the rest of the free world)
9:40 get breakfast for the childre
9:50 doze off on the couch
9:57 get woken up by loud noise
10:00 yell at children
10:15 feel guilty for yelling at children so read them all a story
10:22 yell at children for not sitting and listening to the story I wanted to read for them
10:30 change a diaper
10:35 take out trash
10: 40 start load of laundry - yell at children during this time
10:52 sit down to read
10:53 children interrupt me.
10:58 turn on tv for kids to attempt to get some uninterrupted reading time
11:03 yell at kids for messing with tv volume

blah ... blah. .. blah ....

Not very exciting hey?

No, an exciting life would be full of world travels, meeting important people, writing things that change people's lives, researching solutions to world problems, all the while maintaining a clean house, cooking healthy and well-balanced meals for the family, and a lot less yelling and TV!

That might not be your picture of an exciting life, but really, I think most people are like me - they don't think their life is all that exciting. And maybe that's half the battle. Maybe we need to decide that what we are doing is exciting. I need to think that staying home with the kids is exciting! I get to teach them and see a lot of great moments. I get hugs and kisses. I talk to the neighbors and their children. I teach my kids lots of great things and I get to have exciting conversations! I get to be married to a man who loves me so much! Who treats me like a princess! Who is an awesome father! I have parents who care about me and siblings who want to hang out with me! I have lots of fun hobbies I can do! I know how to read and get to read often! I live in a country, that although isn't perfect, gives me lots of opportunities to pursue education, career goals, family goals, and other things! I have had some hardships that I have overcome an have helped to shape the me I am today!

But maybe doing it over and over takes that excitement away and makes me think things are ho-hum, boring and blah-ish. And maybe that it what I need to change. My mindset and believe that I am living an exciting life.

Because really, I might not be jet-setting and meeting with heads of states or curing cancer, but I am a part of a really awesome family (even if we aren't like the Cleavers). And maybe the little things I do (trying to be more environmental friendly) won't win me a Nobel prize, but maybe it might make a difference. And I get to have a lot of fun (even if it's on a budget). And I do get to pursue my hobbies in life (even if I only get to do it a few minutes here and there). And that is exciting for sure!

So, what is your exciting story?
And no, you can not say your story isn't exciting ... because it is =) I promise ... so share it with me. Please?


  1. I had to laugh because this last week my feet haven't hit the floor until 8:30....hubby wasn't too thrilled so I am making an effort this week! But my daughter still didn't eat breakfast until close to 10:00 yesterday....I will let you know how this week goes.

  2. I have to agree with you. Most people would probably take one look at my life and think "how boring is she???" But I happen to think it is a very exciting life. I get to dance every day with a toddler. How exciting is that?? Thank you for sharing this post. We all need this reminder from time to time to enjoy the simple things.

  3. It is not unusual for my daughter to still be sitting around in her underpants until about noon.

    She is up by 7 (and therefore, I am too), but our garden is private and we garden in the morning (I dress for the occasion, she doesn't) and then just hang around until lunchtime. Sometime after lunch, she gets dressed.

    And we are so relaxed about meals that it is almost ridiculous. We have anything from poptarts to buttermilk pancakes to fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, depending on what we are hungry for. Lunch is the same, whatever we are hungry for. Luckily, my partner usually makes dinner, if she doesn't...I will sometimes step up to the plate and make grilled cheese or oatmeal.

    June Cleaver would have a heart attack if she saw my family.


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