Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Too Many Tuesday ...

So in an effort to be "cute" and have some sort of thing I do each week, I will officially start "Too Many Tuesday." I tend to buy in bulk, overbuy, etc, and end up with too many of well, too many things!
I'm such a nerd, but each week I'll pick one thing I have too many of and share it with, you my lovely readers.

Anyway, today, I have too many

bobbins of thread!
What is even more sad is that this is only the thread that has been unpacked. I have plenty more packed up in a box in our storage unit. And what's even worse is several colors are represented twice, three times, and even four! But I buy thread when I buy fabric and sometimes, well I forget I have all of this thread at home! But I vow to not buy any more thread until after I have brought fabric home and compared to what I already own! LOL! Gotta start thinning out the thread stash!

And now if anyone would like to play along, tell me what you have too many of in my comments ;-)

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  1. I love this "Too Many" post. I have too many notecards, too many plastic thermoses, too many unmarked photos from years ago, too many tops and not enough pants, and too many pounds on my whole body.

    I just had a contest w/ my friend Bonnie to get rid of junk. The idea was to weigh it and give it away or throw it out. I "lost" 391 pounds in 12 days! She "lost" about half that. If you want to read about our "rules" and such, I blogged about it. (Yes, I am a nerd, too.)


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