Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway

The new love of my television life is Project Runway. Okay, it's not new, I was in love with it last season as well, but boy was last night's show fun or what?
Scandal, someone had to leave, others picking up slack, some great designs, some good designs, some nasty language! It had it all! LOL!
I so can not believe Keith was removed from the show. Who would have thought a few books could have caused all that?
And I have to say, Laura shocked me! She seemed, so, I don't know - put together, social elitist, but the language last night. Just shattered my perfect image.
And my Allison - I have no clue why she talks how she does - I think she has a wierd accent thing going on and why or where it came from is beyond me, but she is a sweetie. And so cool under pressure. And has good fashion sense. I'm liking her.
Bonnie - sorry to see her go. No, honestly not really. When they picked her as a team leader last night I thought hmmm ... I don't remember her from the other shows. Oops. Well, her outfit was not something I would want to wear honestly. The neck on that shirt - looked like it was going to eat the model alive!
Anyway, I think next week I would like to host a Project Runway Party. Guess I'll have to find some people who like it just as much as I do! That or party with myself ;-)

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  1. I am hooked on PR for the first time!

    I cant believe Keith was removed either! He was very arrogant and I have to say that I am glad he is gone.

    I felt the same as you about Bonnie. I was like "Where did she come from?"

    I'd come to your PR party! LOL


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