Thursday, August 24, 2006

Booking through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Have you ever wanted to travel to a place described in a book?
    Yes, many a times.

  2. Have you ever ACTUALLY travelled to a place because of the way it was described in a book?
    No. Never. I'm terrified of most methods of travel and although the thoughts of going are lovely, the thoughts of getting to the destination usually leave me panicked, sweaty and thinking I'll never travel again! LOL!

  3. And if so, did it live up to the expectations, feelings, emotions you expected from the book? Did you feel like Anne was going to come romping around the corner of Green Gables? Was it as if Jo was upstairs at Orchard House, scribbling on a story? Or was it just a museum, or just a city street? Like Abbey Road without the Beatles?

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