Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Baby Bunting outfit

Baby Bunting in progress -

close up of my work!

I am learning some very valuable lessons in this project: watch which direction those cables go! The only other project I have done with cables is the Irish Hiking Scarf. All the cables go in one direction on this scarf.
Not so on this project. I have already had to redo two cables (which I didn't realize I screwed up on until I got up a few rows. Thankfully I learned to undo just a few stitches in the middle of the row and work down that way or else I would still be fixing errors).
Anyway, I have figured since I started last night I made it 1/18th of the knitting done with it. Now, I kind of want to finish it by next week. So, yeah, I need to pick up the pace I guess =)

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  1. That bunting is gorgeous! I'll update your site change on my site. :)

    I got a little freaked when your site started singing at me. lol. (I love Natasha, too!)


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